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  1. itreeman

    Ongoing 1680 Project - Questions / need help

    Thanks very much for the replies. I DO want the date in the Gen spec position (not the ETA position). I was hoping there were some nice 1680 dial options that had the ETA feet but still had correct Gen date position. So I will have to get a dial with Gen spec and cut the feet off. I was thinking to get a Yuki dial. Can anyone refer me to a place to get a similar or better than Yuki dial in that price range or less? Regarding the datewheel overlay, I already have a few incoming 🙂
  2. itreeman

    Ongoing 1680 Project - Questions / need help

    Thanks for the reply. Are there Vietnam dials that have the dial feet for ETA movement and datewheel opening in general position? Where can I get a Vietnam dial? Thanks!
  3. Hey all, Starting a 1680 build and I have been accumulating parts for a few months. 1680 is a grail watch for me so I am really excited about getting this done. I've owned a few massaged cartel 1680's and though they were really nice daily watches I could not get over the low crown position. I picked up a new gen spec case. I figured I could use this thread to log the build but also if I run into issues so that I can ask questions for the masters and experts! First issue I am having is deciding on dial and DWO. I am going to be using an ETA movement. I was originally planning to use a Yuki ETA dial and DWO I ordered on the bay. But now I'm not so sure. Does Yuki ETA dial have the date window in the Gen spec location? What other dial options do I have that are for ETA movt but will line up date with gen cyclop position? Planned build parts. 1680 Gen Spec Case (purchased already) Athaya 702 crown and tube (purchased already) Clarks 25-127 Crystal (purchased already) Ebay Silver DWO (purchased already) ETA movement (purchased already) Question parts: Dial - was planning Yuki ETA dial but unsure of date wheel position Hands - Yuki as well Going to try and add some pics here... (first pic is with clark crystal already installed, perfect fit)...crown is a random rep crown not athaya)
  4. itreeman

    How accurate is the WSO 16613 bezel in 18K gold?

    Is the Startime 18k bezel better? How does it compare to gen?
  5. Asking this because I have a gen 16613 that the original bezel is pretty well worn in a section and I'd like to get a new one. How does the WSO on the bay (for 5 hundred bux) compare to Gen? Anyone done a side by side? Any better options/sources for an 18k bezel replacement? Also, if anyone knows what would Rolex charge me to replace the bezel? Thanksin advance!
  6. itreeman

    My 1680 just back from the far North

    WOW...Looks awesome!! 1680 is my next watch and I am going old case MBW for that one. I will mod it over time.....a long time
  7. itreeman

    Gen Crown & Tube in noob case?

    Thanks again guys! I will start getting the parts/tools together.
  8. Ok, so I bought one of the new all white 1665's from Trusty and I want to lightly mod it. I know there are mixed views about this watch as some don't like it but others think it's a great value at $200. I have been wearing it for about a week now and I actually like the watch...PLUS I got the $98 version so I think it's an AMAZING value. Anyway, I am getting ready to send the watch to have the lugholes enlarged by another member and I have a couple questions. 1) What diameter are the lug holes supposed to be? and are they the SAME diameter on the vintage 1665, 1680, etc AND the newer 16610 (with lug holes) and 14060 (with lug holes)?? etc... 2) What size / model number spring bars do I need to source? and are they the SAME diameter on the vintage 1665, 1680, etc AND the newer 16610 (with lug holes) and 14060 (with lug holes)?? etc... 3) The inside of the end links that came with my watch have 2 small rings soldered to them (see pic below)...is this something that the gens have? The reason I ask is because the small rings are the exact diameter of the included springbars and if the new/gen springbars are larger diameter they will not fit these rings. (the rings are paper thin so I don't think they could be opened up) I'm wondering if I could just do away with them all together. Couple more shots of the watch... Thanks in advance for all input!
  9. jmb, was it a direct fit...you wouldn't happen to have the part number from ofrei? Thanks!!!
  10. itreeman

    Do you have seen this?

    I saw a thread at RG that gave a simple way to age the dials. Basically hang the dial upside down (face down) and blow cigar smoke up onto it....showed pics and all...looked great (I will try and find the thread).
  11. itreeman

    16610 SS w/gilted dial and hands

    How about using a black nato strap instead of the TT bracelet...might make the wifey happier
  12. itreeman

    Do you have seen this?

    Looks good to me! +1 on drsd being a little over the top and hoping for the other versions as well. and another BIG +1 for a good 1675 rep...I would love to see that!
  13. itreeman

    Gen Crown & Tube in noob case?

    Thanks for the VERY informative replies guys...I really appreciate it. jmb, do his crowns/tubes come with all the seals? Do his tubes have the teeth inside for screwing them in with the special tool? alligoat, where can I find that tool for screwing the tubes in? Best I have found is about $35.00 Thanks again guys.
  14. I want to upgrade a crown on a pair of noob cased subs to gen(or aftermarket). I have seen the generic crown tubes at Ofrei...once I remove the original noob crown tube are the threads in the case correct for the gen tube? Will the ETA and/or a21j stem screw right into the new crown? Also, is there anywhere I can get the complete crown tube with the seals as well as the crown for a good price? What part numbers am I looking for? This would be for a 16610 and maybe 14060 no date project (I assume 16610 and 14060 subs use the same crowns/tubes)? Thanks in advance!