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  1. Noob crPO QC Pics Advice Needed

    Yep..that is what they did...new picks with centered date wheel... Watch looked great...hopefully should be getting tracking number soon.
  2. Noob crPO QC Pics Advice Needed

    Ok..I rejected based on the date wheel. I will post new pics once I get them. Since I am a noob, I hope I am not too picky here, but I was running out of time on my 24 hour window.
  3. This is my first rep so am looking for some advice... I leaning towards acceptance, but have really no idea if the issue are acceptable. Issues I see/Questions: 1. a little white at the bottom of the date window? Is this some dust or is the date wheel off? 2. Lume looks a 9 looks sloppy, and maybe at 11? 3. Is the pearl not centered above the 12? 4. Do I need to get some pics where the hour hand is not covering the Omega symbol? 5. What is that last picture where result is green? I am hoping it is some type of pressure test for waterproof? Pics:
  4. Waterproof PO Advice Needed

    Just got my QC pics...looking forward to this watch..
  5. Planet Ocean Ceramic Noob edition QC help

    Just got my QC pics..looking forward to this watch.
  6. Waterproof PO Advice Needed

    Thanks for your replies...after doing some research I am leaning towards the Noob CRPO even with the obvious tell on the caseback. Its not like I am going to try an sell it as a gen, and if I am comfrtable enough to take off my watch and hand it to you, I will be comfortable enough to tell you it is a rep. Some sites say it is factory to 30m, but I will have it tested in case. A place not to far from me is claiming $25 for the test..is that reasonable? I am in between Sac and Tahoe, if anyone has a recommendation for service.
  7. Waterproof PO Advice Needed

    Looking to buy my first rep, and want a 45 PO that is waterproof to at least 30m, and could use some advice. They would both end up being about the same cost after shipping... Option 1: Ultimate PO Rep from trusty (not ceramic) and have him waterproof it for a fee. Would be a little cheaper if I go with the asian movement, which I am leaning towards. or Option 2: The Noob CRPO is factory waterproof, would buy from puretime most likely, unless someone has a better dealer they recommend. Only drawback here is the open caseback is a big tell, which may bother me. or Am I crazy for thinking a rep can be waterproofed at all?
  8. Welcome to the forums devnull :)