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  1. Hey naturopath. Tried to PM you about something. Says you can't receive messages. Send me a PM when your able to thanks. Jase
  2. Yes, necro bumping an old thread, but Akira, but Akira, are you able to send me a message, I have a quick question. Cant seem to message you. @Akira
  3. Haha!!! I KNEW IT!!!! Besides, who doesn't love meatballs!
  4. Fair point Freddy. Always a possibility down the road should Nick go that route. Not as if he's trying to pass off as gen so I think the dodgy rep wheel fits for now
  5. Agreed Freddy. As the builder of it, that was the one downfall about this watch. Unfortunately the only decent roulette wheel available was this one. Its ok but for from perfect. But again, the only one that could be found at this time There aren't a lot of great options out there for DWO in general. Besides PP who I think only is doing the silver wheels ~Jase
  6. Just stopping here to say hey. Usually on rwg.bz but came over here for a bit more info. Looking forward to a new forum. Thanks! J
  7. Welcome to the forums jdog111578 :)

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