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  1. The VSF 216610, I agree, is the nicest Datejust besides gen, I've ever laid hands on. I like to actually wear all my watches, gens and reps alike.. if a watch is rated 300m or made by an elite factory, it should be able to withstand some abuse. The one complaint I have about both the rep and gen datejust, even on oyster, is the amount of play in the clasp where it contacts your wrist. There is one tiny pin holding the narrow end to the buckle, and it will stick to a moist wrist and shift easier than the whole watch. As a chef, I need watches that you could dunk in boiling water if you felt the need. Without the flip lock clasp, the DJ just sticks and seems to have too much play when trying to adjust to wash hands, keep out of mess, wipe.. and that makes me nervous that one small point of contact will be the first to fail. And its not just a spring pin fix like the oysters of old. Gorgeous watch with the best detail I've seen yet in DJ rep, but If I can't abuse it as much as I desire without concern its not a watch for me. Thus my desire to sell. I do love that I can leave it on the nightstand for a full weekend without having to adjust or unscrew the crown, thanks to the 3235. I want to keep it, but I fund my collections with my collections, this is my way of not feeling guilt for getting myself toys rather than my wife and kids. I wish I could have gotten my hands on one of the ARF 116610's w AR3135 before the raids made them vanish off the market, ARF has the best sub and GMT case construction IMO.
  2. I have a vsf pam438 luminor ceramica, cal vsf 9001/b v3 all black.. most unique pam I've owned. Id sell for the right price. Purchased from puretime, w nice box and tags, matching serials on tag, watch, movement.. original ceramic bracelet never worn, few straps and black pam buckle as well.
  3. I've been told differently. DJF is still operating, GMF is still operating using Clean Factory bezels on their mediocre GMT masters and charging a few hundred extra... id like to know which factory still produces a Submariner or GMT Master of equal quality of the ARF and VRF watches of long lost. They say those factories will still reopen... id love to see that happen but raid by corrupt police usually means paid off and nothing disturbed, or burned to the ground. If they were able to pack up a factory's worth of custom machinery and sneak off into the night.... that would be a fit of engineering. I dont know how they manufacture in China, but with so many manufacturers competing rather than sharing with each other the elite products they each produce... sounds like a devastating blow and one that isn't just gonna be back to business shortly. We can only hope. Anybody got a lead on a manufacturer with a high quality Submariner, turn an old rep head on to a new TD. Cheers all.
  4. I've been intrigued by the VR3235 since it came out, the power reserve, the new design. Since then, I've acquired several watches with this movement and have been on the whole impressed. Recently, I noticed one I was wearing had stopped, and I noticed it was fully out of power, manually wound it 40 turns, it ran for another few weeks no problem. But, the same problem happened again. I've not had another VR3235 or any movement do this to me, before I crack the case open and go for a dive I want to know if anyone has dealt with the same problem, or if it is a common occurrence with these semi new 3235's. Manually winds sets and keeps time as it should, but seems to not charge with rotor as it should. Sometimes I think its fine, then I go to sync seconds and notice it isn't fully charged after a full day of active wearing. Thanks all. Kent
  5. Hello again all. Its been about a year since Iast posted any eye candy from my then obsession, ARF GMT SH3186. Since coming back, I've noticed the buy/ sell section is gone, or I can't seem to find it. I wish to respect the rules, and not try to get banned trying to advertise without permission. I've got a VRF 41 mm Datejust, on oyster w vs3235, as well as a VRF Panerai pam438 Luminor Ceramica "tuttonero" with VR 9001/B black movement. I have others as well, always buying and collecting. Since the raids, its been harder to get high quality Rollies... Id like some info. If there is a thread where I can list what I have for sale/trade, a Mod PM'ing me and directing me would be appreciated. If we can't sell here anymore, someone let me know. I've been on and off this forum for a decade, I've just not had the time to post and keep up with it as much as I would like. Awaiting some info. I've got plenty of photos and proof to show im not playing any games, and I've been a watch nerd for life. Fellow members, enthusiasts, Thank you. Kent
  6. This is a beautiful watch, where is the most reputable place to buy it from? Ive been out of the game for several years and don't know what the hell to trust on the internet these days..
  7. Welcome to the forums mysterytour :)

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