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  1. Dizzy

    ARF SH3135 or Noob V9 SA3135

    The ARF with the SH3135 is the perfect package. The A3135 is a lower end movement and doesn’t accept all the genuine replacement parts like the SH3135 does.
  2. The black dial is one of the worst dials I have ever seen on a Daytona. Look how thick those subdials are! 🙈 swap in an ARF dial and bezel and then you’ve got something. That’s my plan. Next step would be Gen dial, hands and bezel. Dizzy.
  3. Depending what Dw case you have, either the v23 or the v72 will fit. The stem height is different I believe. But yes your watch smith is correct, the dial will need to be glued on and the MM stem will def not fit the v23. My dw case needs the v23 I know that for sure. Maybe you need the v72. If you decide to sell your v23 let me know. You can also just get the MM serviced like I did about 10 years ago and it’s still working fine. Dizzy
  4. Dizzy

    Coronet on slide lock broke off

    Yep as stated above. Clean and scuff both surfaces and clean with rubbing alcohol. Use a good clear two-part epoxy and not any of that quick dry stuff. You won’t need much. Like one drop. Attach the crown back on there and clamp it lightly or put weight on it and let it dry for 24 hours. It will never come off again.
  5. Dizzy

    Rolex bracelet advice

    The ARF bracelet is very good. I’m not very familiar with the yachtmasters or the 16622 bracelet but I think the end links are different than the submariner. Maybe an ARF Daytona bracelet would be a good match but it might not be period correct. The older Rolex bracelets are pretty light especially the ones with the hollow middle links. So “wobbly” is sort of the way they were back then. You might want to try to find a JF16610 sub bracelet. They are very well made and would be closer to the era of your watch.
  6. Dizzy

    1570 datewheel overlay

    Someone needs to make a ready made eta datewheel with the silver flat top so we don’t have to mess with aligning it. I hate aligning them.
  7. Dizzy

    MBW/MBK numbers...

    I will have to check my 1680 and report back. It’s an old one I’m guessing 2007 or older. Dizzy
  8. Dizzy

    Paypal scammer

    Wow man that sucks. Straight up scam. Sounds like his dealings with Sillix Prime over on Repgeek right now. Paid them western union or something and put all sorts of notes about the website and watches on the payment info and the bank stopped the payment. And now he’s blaming Sillix even though they never received the money. These trusted dealers wouldn’t be around very long if they scammed people out of money. Hope you get this sorted out and there’s an explanation for this. Dizzy.
  9. Dizzy

    Noob 4130 clone

    We shall see how reliable it is and wait for a movement tear down by one of the masters on the forums. Dizzy
  10. Dizzy

    Advice for a DayDate

    I’ve got a yellow gold BP day-date 40 from Andrew supposedly with ETA movement. I doubt it’s real ETA but it keeps good time so far. It’s actually a very nice watch with a pretty good dial. I can’t comment on the gold plating as I’ve only had it for a couple months.
  11. Dizzy

    PN 6263 571 endlink pieces

    I need a set of those 571’s also. I’ll buy the ones with the wrong markings if you wanna get rid of them. I’m in Canada.
  12. Dizzy

    Repair time with Puretime?

    My JF16610 failed within 2 weeks. I sent it back and it took over 2 months for them to “repair it”. But of course I got it back and it wasn’t fixed. Had the same movement issue as before. Now I sent it away again this week. I paid for the watch 4 months ago and it’s just being send away again for repair. It’s a very slow process but I don’t think it’s puretimes fault. They prob get a lot of returns they have to deal with. Dizzy
  13. I used to get the date just cases from a jewellery store in Florida. The only parts missing off the watch were the movement, hands and clasp. They were probably putting the movements into MBW 1680 cases haha. They also seemed kinda sketchy whenever i talked to them. I remember getting one with a white gold bezel but it was really worn. I don't remember what I did with it. I might still have it in my pile of gen parts.
  14. I used a gen case with 2824 and movement adapter brass rings off eBay. Worked perfect and the stem is pretty darn close but not perfect alignment. I don't know where you would find gen cases these days. I used to get them off eBay for $100 back 10-15 years ago. You could get an entire stainless date just with water damaged rusted out movement for $350-400. I think they are worth more than that now. Haha.
  15. Dizzy

    Noob vs JF factory Submariner Rep

    I was actually thinking about getting another 16610. I sold my old mbw a while ago. I saw the JF on Andrews site and it looked good but I wondered why it was $408. The BP 16610 is a bit less but looks good also. I wonder what movement that would have. Are the normal Asian 3135 not very good yet? I'd prob prefer a nice real Swiss movement if available. It's not like I'm going to be opening it and looking at the movement all the time anyways. I've been out of touch in the watch world for a few years so I don't know much about the current Asian 3135 movements but it seems like the Yuki is the one to look for. I might get the JF and swap in a black insert. I like the maxi dial markers. Dizz