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  1. Newbie to newbie here! I've purchased 3 watches to date. All of which are functioning properly. Your research of the TD's and members are, in my opinion, your greatest asset. Know what you're buying and who you're buying from. Ask the stupid question, so to speak, if need be. This forum, in my opinion, is a tight group and they will call bull$&@& when they see it!
  2. Absolutely love the Orologio Di Franko!! Might you please pm me specs./price/ or even if it's available for purchase etc., etc.?
  3. Thank you! I've seen the strap before. Love it! It compliments you pam very well.
  4. Very nice! Might you post link for where you got strap?
  5. Admin

    Happy Birthday Edaw!

  6. Welcome to the forums Edaw :)

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