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  1. Thx, well I think that choice is between Phong and Yodog. The insert has to be crownartcustoms one of course, so that will be the first mod. Does Phong offer QC before sending out the watch, does anybody know? Also, is his movements just decorated etas?
  2. Hi! Can anyone recommend parts for a decent 9401 build? Asking for a friend. He found Phongs offer for a complete watch but I wanted to double check on the forum if anyone has experience with better parts for the build.
  3. Interesting project, please post updates.
  4. Nice, im thinking about building one as well. Are you doing any work on the 6694 case or is it the same as 6429?
  5. Btw I was in touch with raffles about creating correct connecting links for Mary’s 7836, maybe he could create correct connecting links for the 93150 too.
  6. You are correct about the markings, too much space between the numbers, it does say 93150 Here is mbw compared to my gen on top. And yes the last link is solid but not the whole bracelet though.
  7. Interesting, didnt know that the cartel bracelet had the correct markings, I was sure that the only 93150 out there was the MBW bracelet...
  8. There are No good rep 5513 dials available. Get a gen WG dial Instead, they pop up on ebay now and then.
  9. I can send you a Pm. It would be fun to do a a group build though, if anyone is interested. Needs lots of work though to make it right. The rised text on the dial is a challenge also. Dsn is unfortunately not selling his dials separately and I have no clue how to produce such effect on a dial. The Tornek-Rayville Dial would probably be easier to make. The insert can be made by Athaya, I think someone on HF has already tried doing one.
  10. Ive been in touch with a VN seller that sells the same case and dial as Phong for 350dollars or something. The cases are off at several places and Ive told him that. His response was that he could make a more correct case if he had the right dimensions etc.
  11. I have one exactly the same build coming up, 64 ruby case, 700 crown etc...I would recommend to get the service dial, save some money and later get a genuine dial. Feet first or meter first, the gilts are crazy expensive.
  12. Hi! Can anyone recommend a good watchmaker in the states that can service a donor 1520?
  13. Hi! Has anyone seen rep Tudor big block case sets? Do they exist or are there only 7032 available?
  14. Exactly which dial are you getting?
  15. Hi! Im into putting together a 1665, as always, the hardest thing to do is to find a decent dial. What dials do you guys think are most correct that are out there?
  16. Ok interesting to know, there is basically No information about that on any resources. I’ve decided to use the midcase for an early 80ies 5513 build. No need to find a date stamped caseback either. And the 5513 dials are still affordable. Well almost 😂
  17. thank you automatico! Ive seen one midcase for sale that was dated 1972 by the seller, but im not really sure about that. The only other midcases ive seen for sale with the grove have been dated earliest 1978.
  18. Hi! Quick question - when did Rolex start to produce 5513/1680 midcases with the groove for the oring under the crystal retaining ring?
  19. I’m not sure but I think the gold is just a plating that can be removed by a chemical process?
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