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  1. I have the exact same problem on the exact same watch and exact same bracelet. Did you find replacement screws that work?
  2. Hi All, Anyone got the new XF factory 15202ST? This is my first rep purchase in over 5 years.. Here's a damn amazing video of the latest rep version of this watch, which I've been silently obsessing over for the past year. I'm not nearly as informed as I used to be about Rep watches, but the watch screams quality to me. My biggest reservation is the replica A2121 movement. It's incredbile that factories are repping in-house movements now.. but that's how far we've come! I'm really wondering about the quality of the movement or if it will present problems. I have a watch guy that services all my watches, but up until now it's been exclusively Swiss and Asian ETAs and Valjouxs. Nothing remotely close to thei A2121 movement. Anyone have any experience with this watch or it's previous iterations? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2rs9Cu2lWU[/youtube]
  3. I don’t think I shared any recordings of mine on this forum so you might’ve mistaken me for someone else.. but I might’ve had some photos somewhere of me playing while wearing a watch... a D42 you say!? Holy moly! I never played anything even close to that nice.. but I’m more partial to the vintage Martins. My good friend has got a 60s D28. Im more partial to smaller cutaways. My acoustic is a takamine EF-261 from 2001 (Santa fe series) A little workhouse that sounds beautiful plugged in and quietly balanced unplugged. But no where close to where your tone and projection is. But Takamine electronics were ahead of the pack when i bought the guitar.. nowadays I think the playing field has leveled in that department though!
  4. Anyone remember Lanikai!? I always wonder if he lurks ocassionally after all these years. My guess is probably not.. but those were some great times in the rep world!
  5. Amazing! I remember these pics! They really are somewhat iconic!
  6. These are my QC pics from an old dealer named Tony from 7 years ago.... The SS bracelet is a [censored] to put on and take off.. but I still switch out the rubber and SS bracelet once a year. My AP Diver is still in impecable condition. But it's a heavy watch to wear as a daily.... I've still got the watch and it runs great but I'm Stateside for the next few weeks and don't happen to have access to any of my wrist shots... Hope this helps.. [Edit] Ok.. Sorry.. I actually found some wrist shots.. Here you go.. (it's obviously a big watch..)
  7. Hi everyone. I'm not back in any significant kind of way... My interests and priorities have shifted massively since then.. Notwithstanding... tonight I did comeback to do some research and I've been compelled to say hello to everyone that might possibly remember me from back long ago! I saw my fair share of people come in go during the years that I was active and I always appreciated RWG's policy of "Fine People"... Seriously some of the best out there! And I hope the saying still holds true! Anyways.. Just saying hello!
  8. ByTor.... I'm taking a stroll down memory lane tonight on RWG... but it's incredible to see you're still active here. Not sure if you remember me... But cheers my friend. Hope you're well! Best, p.s. Amazing photos btw! I think I was around when you first took those! pps.. That Nokia was no joke! I used to have a similar version in Silver!
  9. Reading this over 5 years later is Surreal... haha.. Martijnp.. nailed it. It was an awesome watch, but I don't miss Big Bangs at all!
  10. I know I'm five years late to the conversation.... I've taken a long pause from watches and signed in tonight to do some research on a possible purchase... just saw my name mentioned! Not sure if any of my old forum buddies like PeteM are even still around.. but Hope all is well here! JCinkc... judging by your post count.. i doubt you'll even see this.. but my profile pic is a Breitling Avenger SKYLAND Blacksteel.. Reference number A13380. It's still going strong and the A7750 under the hood last had a service about 3 years ago... It's a great watch.
  11. Happy Birthday plaifender!

  12. No love here? Is it because I'm using Tapatalk!!?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi all, Long time no talk. Life has taken its turns and while I'm still into my reps, my participation in the forum discussions has dwindled down to relatively nothing. (Work, kid, etc). My problem is that I hit my beloved DSSD bezel on something and the pearl and. Pearl holder broke of from the ceramic bezel. My watch is a Trevor V5.. (Different than the other v5s that we're going around at the time). Trevor said he no longer has the watch in stock and is not sure about the new bezels fitting the his old v5. Anyone have experience changing bezels? I was even thinking of getting the generic ebay bezel on eBay and trying to replace it but I'm not sure it would fit. Anyone replaced their bezel with one of these ebay bezels? Or better to get the newer version rep bezel from Trevor? I'm hoping he'll be nice and comp me the Bezel since I got him involved in this forum and got the admins to admit him as a trusted dealer after my stellar review of his watch and service a few years back haha: http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/117113-dssd-v59-swiss-eta-2836-2-from-trevor-time/ Any comments are welcome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Happy Birthday plaifender!

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