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  1. That looks beautiful Mike, how's the date window on these? Is it a bit dj2ish, you know what I'm saying! Had a dd2 that was gorgeous for the first few days of the month....
  2. Ah I did them at 1.25 and it was a right ball ache to fit the bracelet, however it did fit! They also don't protrude, maybe I'll get some 1.32mm drills and give them a tweak.
  3. I'm gonna try me some of those adhesive rings I think!
  4. Have a gen insert in my TC sub but this is just my bit of fun building site beater ;-) will check out jewellers epoxy thanks
  5. Got an eBay insert for my new snowflake Tudor, faded it subtly, but it needs glue to keep it secure, super glue works, but not for long, so what's everybody use? i got the lugs drilled after my other question by the way!
  6. Right, simple question I think! What size do I drill my case for 2mm Spring bars? I naively assumed it would be 2mm but of course the ends aren't 2mm are they! What a donut. its on my new blue Tudor Snowflake which is my grafting watch. Thanks all.
  7. Hey Kernow, I guess we will see how things pan out... We are all entitled to our opinions. I agree Brussels influence was often not helpful! But on the flip side they tempered against our increasingly right wing governments. A friend and neighbour of mine is a ln economics lecturer and researcher, before the election he described leaving as "f*cking madness", but, genuinely, time will tell. Im now hoping the union collapses...
  8. I'm a Brit! Watched the first couple of results come in before I headed to bed, didn't look good from the start. The campaigning was based on immigration (which is mostly but not entirely based on racism, and someone to blame if you're poor) and good old fashioned British hatred won through. 350 billion wiped off the value of the country overnight, that's 40 years of the talked about "unaffordable EU contributions"..... Glad I'm in a recession proof business. I need a new gardener, should be plenty of unskilled labour available to work for peanuts. I also need a builder, should be plenty of skilled labour to work for peanuts.
  9. Intime are great to deal with, also very fast, used them a bunch of times.
  10. Wow indeed, stunning watch, looks truly special.
  11. Mike on a bike that Seiko is bloody lovely, I'm wearing a seiko kinetic pvd on a rubber strap as a beater while my TC is sick... Seiko is never sick!
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