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  1. Bring along what you want to sell! Dutch got some € to spend!
  2. Guys bring your watches along! Dutchy wants to buy....
  3. Regards from a Bella Italy shoe buy..
  4. A column wheel chronograph...
  5. Hi, This is just a question… no prejudice or racism behind it!!! I am not accusing anybody; I am also not asking to discuss meat eaters vs. vegans, just asking a question: - what about animal welfare vs. cheap straps Quality is a wide open word/fact and not only comes down to the product itself! Yes of course a brand name drives the price up x100%, we all know this, but so does a quality supply chain and sourcing! I am not saying that strap producers from ??? are better, maybe they are not… as they may source from the same sources and just have some BS certificate!? So from Asia, USA, EU or South America, no idea which is better or just as full of BS or animal cruelty!? So, ever considered animal welfare vs. cheap straps? Also what about the safety of the colours and chemicals used vs us humans... just an additional thought!? Dutchy (yes, I am a meat eater!) P.S. And there is enough proof out there that maybe is no difference? WARNING: a rather nasty video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3EDcnARnyA
  6. Yes next time is in the summer which is the smallest and smelliest show... So I guess it will be November then... P.S sell me your 15400!
  7. So you guys had fun?! Super... Love the 5001!
  8. PICS!?? Where are the pics? For those that could not join due to a Bday!
  9. Your welcome! Easy to help you out with "watch-junk" lying around!
  10. Hi, just 2 pics... IWC 5448-03 Gen vs. Rep! No text needed on the differences... and only +/- 19.301 USD apart; - Rep 199 USD - Gen 19.500 USD Dutchy Gen on the top:
  11. Rep, the quality of the screws is a give away!
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