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  1. What are some of the coolest Sunglasses to wear?

    Jake and Elwood's aka Rayban Seafarers have to be the coolest ever....
  2. 116610 from green to black

    Any help from any side?
  3. 116610 from green to black

    Hello all Rolex experts, as my green insert starts to desintegrate, I thought to take the plunge and change the 116610lv from Hulk to black. Any idea which dial is needed and would fit the j12 116610lv? The insert can be found at Andrew's but a non-ceramic would even more preferable due to my latest experiance with the cracking ceramic insert. Any hint or pointing in the right direction is highly appreciated. M
  4. Best jeans

    Maybe a silly question, but do you freeze, wash or iron your jeans? I read about an jeans industry expert who never washes and only freezes his jeans every couple of days. And if not possible then simply steam irons his jeans....
  5. The Rolli/FGD 5218-201/A Build

    Brilliant!!!!! Looks absolutely fantastic!!!!!
  6. vintage PAM builders in EU

    Cheers folks! Found my guy....
  7. vintage PAM builders in EU

    Hi gang, are there any known vintage PAM builders in EU? I have seen and read about Nejad but a little closer to home would be great. Please drop me a pm. Thank you all.
  8. Tiger Concept to vintage (fantasy) Sub

    Thank you all for the ideas.... I am now on a hunt for a Tiger Concept V2! Let the search begin....
  9. Hi all, I am thinking of building my first vintage sub. Are Tiger Concept cases any good? Which vintage dials do the accept? EU Sources for fitting vintage sub dials would be great, as well. As I am not too fussed about close to gen specs, I would try to use whatever fits a Tiger Concept base watch. Thank you in advance! Maximo
  10. From Russia with Love!

    Just got a modded (Seiko Mil insert) Amphibian on a tropic band. Super cool watch. Mine was 90€ which is a great deal IMHO.
  11. Good lord...

    I got a PAM 117 made from TitaniuN.... I love these Rep Manu[censored]turer guys....
  12. Doxa Black Lung FS!

    Looks real to me...
  13. Blaken no date Explorer dial sub.

    If it's German, pronounce it like the a in the word hard. That should do the trick.
  14. Nice, can not wait to see which way this project goes! My WG DD 18239 just arrived today and is sitting in my postbox.
  15. 116610 Ceramic Submariner

    Any idea where I can find a green 116610 insert? I can only see the black insert at Andrew's website...