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  1. Hey buddy, I'd be interested in the PAM372 if it is still up for grabs :) Also located in the EU

  2. Thais the Noob v2 or sometimes called ultimate edition/version. Be careful the first batch had mismatching Lume On dots and hands. Toro pure time sead anybody carrying noob watches buddy Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. Does the noob bezel have the same "sun ray" kind of effect like the gen one ? Thats what is attracting me the most on the explorer models and a reason why I can't decide on getting the noob rep yet .. Would be glad for some input on that. The gen is quite a beater eh ?
  4. BP SD. Get it waterproofed. A bit above 200$ but worth it.
  5. https://qcpicsv3noob.shutterfly.com/pictures/8 I have uploaded them here guys thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys, As this is my first rep purchase I've read a while into it. It was either this one or the TC/BK. In the end I went with this version. I've just paid for it and received some QC pics. In a rather good quality. I don't think I can post them up here. If someone wants to take quick glance and point out sth. which I have maybe overlooked(again I'm a noob). That would be cool. Just PM me for a Link to the album or drop a comment Best regards, MOD: Correct me if I'm wrong with QC pics not allowed in a thread
  7. Does anyone have a 16610 (blue) ? How is the dial is it the same like on the TT ? This is a TD site: http://www.tswatchltd.com/13889-ro13889.html Can anyone rate the rep ? The steel version looks way more better than the 166110 tbh..
  8. AH well. So I've made up my mind again. Its going to be either the TC or the BK. Might as well go for the best since this could very well be the only rep I'll get. TC is 545 against the 615 for the BK. I feel like I'm getting more from TC. I mean he's doing a lot on the watch. And the price is way better. Also, does anyone feel the difference between the DSSD and the sub ? Do you really need the arm for that ?
  9. I don't know if its worth paying the 250$ extra.. I mean the asian 2836 on the noob is pretty stable right ? I'd still love to get a nice TT but there is no one that offers one that is on par with noob/bk/TC standards..
  10. first of all, thanks for the answers guys ! appreciate it especially for your effort nightwatch. So I was about to contact TC but it seems a lot of ppl have problems with the movement atm.. And then I had a change of mind. I'd actually rather get the ceramic bezel. So it is either the BK subc or the noob subc. I don't know but I have read more positiv feedback for the noob. And I think I have read a lot of posts that said the noob v4/v3 is better than the BK. Anyway. Im going to pull the trigger on one of them. Any suggestions ? Also.. That TT is gorgeous dude ! But I#d rather get the blue one since the insert is not that blueish on the TT and the dial is amazing ! But yes the black one is more subtle and gives a classy feeling even with the gold on it.
  11. The TC is actually close to 200$ more (considering the v4 is 368). And the waiting time is so long... Any recommendations on a good TT ? If not I'll probably stick to the noob and order it..
  12. Hey guys, I'm new to this and have read into this topic for quite a while.. I wanted to get a sub that looks as close to a gen as possible "out of the box". I don't have any knowledge about modding nor do I want to do it. I've been thinking about getting the V3/"V4" from noob. As I've heard that J12 is not as good as noob or bp. Plus I don't want to spend more than 400$ on it. So I guess I should probably get the noob right ? Another question is: Are there any good tt reps out there ? I'd love the blue TT but I don't think theres a rep that is on par with the noobs right ? Its either the gold fading or the dial is too purplish. thanks buddy
  13. Welcome to the forums pt1803 :)

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