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  1. Easypeasy to change the crown. But changing the tube is a different story.
  2. Congrats. Looks like the first version with the weird bezel teeth.
  3. Interesting. Could mod it to the one of a find one. The one with red twelve o'clock bezel marker
  4. The best you can get is GEN!
  5. You clearly need to do some more research. Go to your nearest Rolex AD and they can probably help you.
  6. Colamariner. Me like. First pic got me thinking about Christmas. Maybe because of the cola commercials with the polar bears and the cola trucks.
  7. He valve/ happyfeet. Then again I have one from intime. I think maybe it's on sale. And it's pretty awesome. Good luck.
  8. Happy Birthday DavidTaiwan!

  9. Welcome to the forums DavidTaiwan :)

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