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  1. Hi JoeLouis I have bought two Hermes belts and a LV laptop bag and the quality is amazing! And Ken is a real pro to deal with and a great guy as well Can only recomment him -DJ-
  2. Happy Birthday djunky!

  3. wow looks amazing Wear it well... Is it from one of the TD's in here? -DJ-
  4. haha well i have to start somewhere my friend im pretty sure, that no one will pm with those parts -DJ-
  5. Hi Mr z Thanks for a great post I have just aquired a AP GP with RG Case.. Which im really happy with But would it be possible to purchase those 4 FC parts from you? or could you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance -DJ-
  6. Thanks for all the feedback Legend i really appriciate it i was worried that i bought the wrong version @Motoman yeah i saw Imaknockovs''s at repgeek... it looks really amazing But does anyone know if his FC parts or others are still available or if some TD could source them? -DJ-
  7. Hi Just had a look at chrono24 at yeah the dial color is actually spot on didnt notice that until now thanks for letting med know that is true looking forward to see how the J12 looks compared to mine I must admit i really like the AP ROO GP.. at first i thought it was too heavy.. But when you get used it, it feels really good to wear! it actually prefer this over my Yacht-Master II
  8. Hi Legend Thanks for the feedback I have read a lot of your posts on AP's I couldnt figure out if this was v1 or v2, i did some comparison from the different TDs, i chose this one, since it was the only one without blue screws in the visible movement HonestIy i did not know if so i would have waited -DJ-
  9. So now im a proud owner of a AP Grand Prix Bought it from Trusty-time quick service and quick responese each and everytime It looks really great and runs really smooth... ill be looking forward to adding real carbon parts, if these are still available Please feel free to comment there are most likely some flaws which i havnt noticed in relation to gen vs rep Enjoy the weekend -DJ-
  10. Looks great enjoy the rest of the festive season
  11. Hi Guys Thanks for the suggestions and infomation ill try and see if you can snap back in place I really appriciate it.. cheers -DJ-
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