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  1. Hello ! I recently purchased a IWC Portuguese rep. The watch itself looks great, allthough the rotor makes super much noise (I added a video in which you can hear it if you put your volume up). I was wondering; should this sound be considered normal for these kind of watches? Currently I am not wearing it to work because if I would walk through the office everyone around me could hear the noise (it's a harsh metallic noise upon the slightest movement of the watch), and if I had been informed about the noise I probably wouldn't have bought the watch. Was also wond
  2. Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to buy a Tissot tradition for a while now. In Belgium I can only find it for around 395€. I found it a lot cheaper on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005UONA6W/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 However, I never bought anything on Amazon before. Can anyone say if this is reliable? Or should I watch out? Not sure if I posted my question in the right section but I didn’t see where else I could post it. Thanks in advance to the people who are wanting to help me
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Can't make it the 15th tho... have a nice GTG !
  4. I agree but you say this as if placebo is a bad thing? If there is no scientific proof of things being healthy but I perceive them as healthy, I think they do the job (healthy mind healthy body). Also was a bit dissapointed when you said you don't really take a shot of whiskey in the morning... Exactly
  5. Thanks for all the comments ! Forgot this topic existed for a while I have worn the shoes a lot of times by now and they did crease but it bothers me less than I tought it would they still look great !
  6. Man that's great! Now I have a go-to watchmaker in my country very welcome !
  7. I wondered how you guys feel about Louis Vuitton bags. I'm in doubt if I'd buy one (macassar keepall 55). I just know the quality is gonna be great and I have a weakness for high end stuff. But on the other hand I always tought LV is a bit tacky, you can notice the brand from a mile away... How do you guys feel about LV bags?
  8. They are Givenchy shoes. & yeah it's not cheap but I hope they will last a few years, if they do last a few years it's a good investment. That's why I was a bit bothered with the creasing, wanted to keep them perfect as long as possible. & awesome ! I love Allen Edmond shoes, need to buy me some
  9. Check the section 'bergies' on this forum.
  10. Might be sending the shoes back btw, a bit bummed out about the creasing paid 395€ for them cause i tought they were perfect
  11. Thanks guys guess i'll be looking for some shoe trees
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