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  1. Hello ! I recently purchased a IWC Portuguese rep. The watch itself looks great, allthough the rotor makes super much noise (I added a video in which you can hear it if you put your volume up). I was wondering; should this sound be considered normal for these kind of watches? Currently I am not wearing it to work because if I would walk through the office everyone around me could hear the noise (it's a harsh metallic noise upon the slightest movement of the watch), and if I had been informed about the noise I probably wouldn't have bought the watch. Was also wond
  2. Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to buy a Tissot tradition for a while now. In Belgium I can only find it for around 395€. I found it a lot cheaper on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005UONA6W/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 However, I never bought anything on Amazon before. Can anyone say if this is reliable? Or should I watch out? Not sure if I posted my question in the right section but I didn’t see where else I could post it. Thanks in advance to the people who are wanting to help me
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Can't make it the 15th tho... have a nice GTG !
  4. I agree but you say this as if placebo is a bad thing? If there is no scientific proof of things being healthy but I perceive them as healthy, I think they do the job (healthy mind healthy body). Also was a bit dissapointed when you said you don't really take a shot of whiskey in the morning... Exactly
  5. Thanks for all the comments ! Forgot this topic existed for a while I have worn the shoes a lot of times by now and they did crease but it bothers me less than I tought it would they still look great !
  6. Man that's great! Now I have a go-to watchmaker in my country very welcome !
  7. I wondered how you guys feel about Louis Vuitton bags. I'm in doubt if I'd buy one (macassar keepall 55). I just know the quality is gonna be great and I have a weakness for high end stuff. But on the other hand I always tought LV is a bit tacky, you can notice the brand from a mile away... How do you guys feel about LV bags?
  8. They are Givenchy shoes. & yeah it's not cheap but I hope they will last a few years, if they do last a few years it's a good investment. That's why I was a bit bothered with the creasing, wanted to keep them perfect as long as possible. & awesome ! I love Allen Edmond shoes, need to buy me some
  9. Check the section 'bergies' on this forum.
  10. Might be sending the shoes back btw, a bit bummed out about the creasing paid 395€ for them cause i tought they were perfect
  11. Thanks guys guess i'll be looking for some shoe trees
  12. Hi guys! I just bought leather sneakers and after 2 hours of wear I can already see some creasing: Is this normal ? This is my first pair of expensive leather sneakers so I'm not sure what to expect. If they already crease after 2 hours, won't they look super bad after a week? Would be bummed if I spent 395€ on a pair of shoes that look worn out after a week. I took a half size bigger than usual to make sure they fit properly. But I do have wide feet so that might be the problem... Can someone enlighten me: is this normal? How to prevent or maybe solve it? thanks
  13. In my opinion the article isn't well written, anyone could write this in 5 minutes (he's just stating some general truths). Though I can't agree with no one noticing Rolex watches. I love Rolex since I was a kid (when my uncle had one) but I hardly wear my yachtmaster rep cause everyone notices it. I take the train almost every day and people stare at it. When I get to meet people they usually don't talk about it right away but after a while they always mention they noticed my 'Rolex'. Maybe no one noticed his watch because it was a Rolex Explorer, not so flashy/outstanding. &
  14. Woah nice ! Goodluck with the franken project
  15. Just saw this now, love the gesture ! What a great way to give a watch a beautiful meaning
  16. Awesome replies, thanks guys
  17. Man it's so awesome to hear that you got your dream watch ! I'm studying to be a lawyer, maybe one day I'll be able to buy one too. Enjoy your watch, it looks amazing (can't stop checking the pic haha).
  18. Thanks for the info alli I'm really looking for a yellow gold one tho. I saw a date just (first time in real life) yesterday and I actually like that model more than the day date. So I'll be trying to pick a decent gold date just up
  19. Love the watch alli ! I asked Matt and if he builds me one it would be 850$, too expensive as I'm a student. Really dying to have a gold day date so I'll keep looking tho
  20. Guys I could use some suggestions i've been looking for an all gold daydate for a while now. The real deal is too pricy but I'm not sure if there are good (not too expensive) gold replica's out there? help is much appreciated ! www.pf-818.com/-p-233.html (select whole link) this one seems allright
  21. Thanks so much for this. I emailed them regarding this like a month ago and they got back to me saying ' all their products are 100% safe to use'...
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