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  1. rosnik

    my 1016 build

    More I see 16000 picts more I love it! 😊
  2. Really nice Dave! Only.....did you lose to mount crown tube O-rings? 😊
  3. Is your TC case wth or without engravings?
  4. Did you asked for one guy whit experience? Domi is your man.
  5. Higt recomanded, Domenico alias DOMI is Frankfurt based.
  6. You can contact Domi, he get nice works to me.
  7. no, I need lugholes and reschape 16610 case to 16800. I already got gen 16800 Dial and insert, ready for this project. Are you sure the BP SD is really 1:1 build?
  8. do you got web site? I'm trying to get some project.
  9. Some years ago the case was on sale.
  10. rosnik

    TUDOR 79160

    No, unfortunately the Daytona case is smaller, The 79160 appear to be like one 1665 case with the Chrono pushers and high ( 1665 like ) fixed bezel.
  11. Hi friends, I fall in love for the big TUDOR 79160. Do you got advice nice were to find this case? The case bigger like the SD 1665 , I really love it. I would like to get one Frankie about it. TNX
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