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  1. http://www.repgeek.com/forumdisplay.php?164-Domenico-s-Watch-Shop Domi is Germany located.
  2. Happy Birthday rosnik!

  3. Happy Birthday rosnik!

  4. Domenico : wilerwetta@googlemail.com
  5. Nicest!!
  6. Ok, go there. Faster is not always better.
  7. Nice would be to know if it accept Gen dial.
  8. you can't find it, is not on sale 1:1 GMT Case .
  9. One think ( and easy) is to enlarge existing holes , like in the 1665 cases . Totally other problem is drill one case without holes like in 16610 cases.............. Wile , not using correct machinery on 1665 , is easy to have oval and not round ( so not correct ) holes too,
  10. Hi Tc, can you get one SUB case with lugholes?
  11. Without theoretically. So it is, it perfecly fit in SEAN ( ETASWISS) or TC (off course) 1:1 case for 3135. You can fit it in all Rolex 3135 GEN cases too!
  12. Yes it's last batches, but 1st one is some. Domi , do this work for me without problems. Angus do not get on sale movements only, I bought the entire Pure Time watch 16610, and used movemt only on Etaswiss 1:1 case with Gen Dial, hands and DW .
  13. On SA3135 ( engraved) from PureTime, Gen hands , Gen dial and GEN datewheel perfectly fit.
  14. NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  15. I'm not sure MBw and Jhos 5513 are some. Is Jhos one 1:1 MBW like?