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  1. Rolex Wristies thread

    Hommage to the next Phillip's Auction, and the beautiful 6200 to be sold there, here is my interpretation of 6200:
  2. DW Daytona 6239

    it's from a very nice guy from watchuseek: Andrei (Yuran Strap)
  3. DW Daytona 6239

    Hi Gents, Just received a really nice rally strap, suggested by my friend @Bart Cordell: It is made out of MP-40 ammo pouch from the 50' and feels quite sturdy. Very Nice to wear if you ask me ;-)
  4. A better 6538 project

    Looks so good my friend... Enjoy !
  5. DW Daytona 6239

    Ok, I thought riveted was more in the early times (1963-65) and have been looking for a folded-link one with no success. Thanks again
  6. DW Daytona 6239

    As usual, Thanks a bunch Freddy; I've been sanding the base of the crystal and it seats much lower now. Perfect! By the way, I'm trying to emulate a 1966/67 6239 (that is why I chose the non-rivet bracelet and this x-tal from what I've read here and there); is there anything else to take in consideration ?
  7. DW Daytona 6239

    Hi all, I've just replaced the x-tal: As Rolojack already stated, it feels like "gem" now and I'm very satisfied but would like to ask you how tall is it suppose to be (because it seems a bit tall to me). Anyone can chime in ?
  8. WTB 6239/6240 Pushers

    I've been searching also how to replace them on my DW 6239 and finally went with CousinsUK ones. I did not know at the time but have been doing exactly what Freddy described in order to have proper pusher stem length
  9. 6538 - Photoshoot by the pool

    Thanks Gents ! Tropic strap and new Tropic xtal t21
  10. Hi Gents, just some pics from this morning let there be GILT!
  11. DW Daytona 6239

    And now fixed ! many thanks my friend ; and you were right. Damn it was quick (one day) !
  12. DW Daytona 6239

    Bingo ! and totally agree with you : he (D. Llewelyn) is so classy in those early ones
  13. DW Daytona 6239

    Q: Try to be a little less than your frivolous self, 007. Q: Now here's something I want you to use with special care. With special care. James Bond: Everything you give me... Q: is treated with equal contempt... Yes, I know... indeed Did I say that before ? well I suppose I didn't, but should have... "Bart's - definitely - the man" Many Thanks as usual my friend
  14. DW Daytona 6239

    Hi Gents, During one cleaning of the 7750, I accidentally broke the operating lever : Thanks to Bart, I managed to find a replacement part on the bay but was wondering if any of you (maybe in France or in Europe) would have that spare part to sell me ; would you ?
  15. James Bond "Goldfinger" replica

    yep, touché !