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  1. Hi Gents, thanks to you all for the kind words, It did not quit my wrist since I got it: so confortable and so good looking... just love it
  2. HI Gents, Time has passed and the ultimate Bond watch (imho) has finally came to me... To make a long story (That made me learn a lot about Rolex Sports Watches - Many thanks to you all), this journey started there: the inspiration Has already described: VN case "specially" engraved between the lugs and caseback (II.59); Last Batch Athaya Crown and Tube (better profile than the VN stock one); "special" dial configuration to match GoldFinger Movie by the one and only BC; the rhabillage was also done beautifully by BC; Clarks hands set relumed to mach dial by BC; ST 2130 Seagull ETA clone; spacer noded specifically; Sputim correct length and profile bars (cheers again mate!); old RAF strap from England, 20mm. I supposed, that is a good conclusion to this thread : la boucle est bouclée. Promise, the last one... Cheers !
  3. And still on my wrist @Bart Cordell... so gorgeous... red depth/red triangle... the "sportiest" version of a 6538 imho
  4. héhé, same idea, same time
  5. Hi Gents, So here I go again, trying to complete this never-ending journey to get "The" Bond Submariner. From the red-depth above, which is truly the quintessence of Rolex Sport Watch, for me at least, I'm now looking again towards Thunderball, Goldfinger or With Love From Russia... To start with, here is a custom case I got recently: I'm now looking/hunting for the right movement, and need your guys' advices in that matter ; I learnt many technics dilemma/constraints thanks to Bart knowledge and practice with those kind of cases, and am looking for a proper 18000/19800 or 21600 vph caliber reference to fit in that case. I know a 2824 would fit, but it would be better if I could find a reliable "60's slow beat" one. So if you please, Big Crowns Lovers can chime in
  6. I do have a contact that I got from Tonnywatches (as he told me is not in to that anymore, he gave me an adress from a guy in VN) if anyone is instered (by PM), who did this for me (my next project, woohoo!!!): Prices are in the same range but négociables...
  7. So, here we go, Gents ! My beloved BC went a bit too deep in the water this summer, accidentally of course, and the dial turn out really "vintagely" hard to read... Sad, I was, before I got in contact with Bart and asked him if he could work his magic one more time on a new dial... Sad, I was no more, as he kindly accepted to do it (Thanks again Pal !) As I was planning/dreaming that new dial, it made me think of other flaws I had with this build : - The Athaya Crown I noticed this instantly when I received it 2 years ago, and you can see that on the photo above : the teeth of the crown are slightly convergent (not parallel) and a bit larger than gen ones I've seen (see photo of a gen below). If it did not bothered me at the time, It quickly became more an more annoying when I was wearing the watch. - The bezel Again, you can clearly see that on the photo above : you can barely distinguish the coin edge (teeth) of the bezel that are supposed to be visible, like - again - on this gen one for instance : So I thought, the dial accident could represent an occasion to enhance the build. And disappointed I was not, when I got back my precious from its original maker... Behold ! (courtesy of Bart Cordell ;-) That is what Bart came back to me with... And needless to say, I was more than pleased... Just look at thoses lines (the beveled chamfers, the crown, the bezel)... Oh ! and look at that dial again (mat and gilt work so well together, lume is the same on indexes, hands and pearl)... and as you (should) know, Silix/Cartel case are designed for a 29mm dial and gen-specs ones are (around) 27mm. So we decided to adapt Bart templates (wich are made from gen dial) to the 29mm dial a bit further then what we did before. That way we keep an original dial design and fit it to a 29mm dial and 28mm "ouverture de boite". Because, and at the same time, you'll want the minute hand to keep in contact with the chapter-ring in order to stay in the heritage or DNA of the Big Crown, and you want to have the chapter-ring close to the rehault (that has been polished again to give a bit more of presence to it). I suspect that Bart also worked on the bevels, thanks mate! (courtesy of Bart Cordell ;-) Of course, it is not gen-specs in many others way : rehault is still too short and not designed in the same way as gen/phong/Rubywatch build, bezel is too short and "squarely" shaped, But imho, that is one of the closest you can get with those kind of builds : the high-end of budget Big Crown reps. Cheers !
  8. HI Gents, I dig this up, 'cause the journey is not over yet... a little teasing if you please before my full review to come IMG_5296.MOV
  9. Hommage to the next Phillip's Auction, and the beautiful 6200 to be sold there, here is my interpretation of 6200:
  10. it's from a very nice guy from watchuseek: Andrei (Yuran Strap)
  11. Hi Gents, Just received a really nice rally strap, suggested by my friend @Bart Cordell: It is made out of MP-40 ammo pouch from the 50' and feels quite sturdy. Very Nice to wear if you ask me ;-)
  12. Looks so good my friend... Enjoy !
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