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  1. And now fixed ! many thanks my friend ; and you were right. Damn it was quick (one day) !
  2. Bingo ! and totally agree with you : he (D. Llewelyn) is so classy in those early ones
  3. Q: Try to be a little less than your frivolous self, 007. Q: Now here's something I want you to use with special care. With special care. James Bond: Everything you give me... Q: is treated with equal contempt... Yes, I know... indeed Did I say that before ? well I suppose I didn't, but should have... "Bart's - definitely - the man" Many Thanks as usual my friend
  4. Hi Gents, During one cleaning of the 7750, I accidentally broke the operating lever : Thanks to Bart, I managed to find a replacement part on the bay but was wondering if any of you (maybe in France or in Europe) would have that spare part to sell me ; would you ?
  5. yep, touché !
  6. You could also try CousinsUK
  7. Thanks, Well, it's working with my computer ; anyone else having trouble to get there ?
  8. Hi all, I just swapped both pushers, feels much better now : a just need to replace the Xtal now
  9. Hi All, the 4 o'clock pusher is getting 'tired' on my 6239 ; I've been looking to find a proper replacement (but the gen I found on the bay are far beyond my capacities). So I went by @ofrei and @counsinsuk, and found this possibility: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/classical-screw-in I think mine would be one the 4mm head in SS but I don't have the proper precise tool - a caliper I think it is - to measure the diameter of the thread. Would anyone know ou could help, please ?
  10. I did logged in and out five times also ; each time got back with my account ; using Safari 10.0.3
  11. OkDoki thanks
  12. Both actually
  13. Quite Nice if you ask me; would that be one of Thesociety ones ? I'm looking for a nice bend links bracelet for mine (78350 to be precise) but could not find one; would you - or someone else - have any lead ?
  14. héhé, Happy New year my friend ! I guess you are putting one up ; did you found a good case ?
  15. ... from the one just above my comment ; but clearer if possible txs