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  1. Thanks. 501B end links ordered. I will update here how successful they are. I think I have a 16800 stamped case back on my JF16610 case . .
  2. Hi and Thanks for your reply. As the case is a '16610' I suspect that the 593 would not fit? Is there a difference between 501B and 580? Both are available from WSO (or at least stamped as '501B' or '580') . . If one is designed to be overall a smaller piece then that would be my preference.
  3. Hi I have a JF16610 with drilled lugs and a 16800 matte dial. I have been using the JF SEL bracelet but would like a hollow end link bracelet. Which end links will fit the JF16610 using the shoulder less spring bars? And where to purchase from? I have seen '580' and '485B' types for use with 'fat spring bars' from WSO Alternatively, a complete bracelet with the correct end links would also be considered (but I do already have a couple of oyster bracelets I can use) I appreciate your help. 👍
  4. Hi all. I am looking for a Rolex Explorer dial - 14270 / 114270 type with raised indices (Like the photo attached) I missed out on another members build a while ago and I can’t get it out of my head! All I can find is rafflesdials. Are there any other options?? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi. Thanks for the photo, but it was the seconds hand I was interested in seeing.
  6. Nice! I’m particularly interested in how the seconds hand looks. Is it the 12mm or 13mm? I would love to see how the seconds hand sits at the 6 marker. Thanks!
  7. Awesome black 1016 HWA I have a few Rolex type acrylics sitting around . . perhaps let us know the ID / OD and see if something will work for you? Or, install a sapphire? With the nylon gaskets, it might just work? I have a ‘parabolic’ sapphire for acrylic type cases . . It’s domed on the underside and flat on top with a nice edge bevel. Some nice distortion effects, if you like that sort of thing, which I do! just a couple of ideas.
  8. Appreciate the info. Thanks. I found this sale of a gen 214270 dial that states 30mm. https://www.chrono-shop.net/en/dials/4881-rolex-used-explorer-39mm-stainless-steel-black-dial-part-ref-214270-cal-3132.html#more_info_tab_more_info
  9. Hi I have a couple of 36mm Explorer case projects on the boil, but in my research I have been misled and forced to look at images of and glowing reports for the 214270 39mm 1:1 versions by NOOB and JF. I don’t think I can resist trying one! I might want to change the dial, can anyone tell me the dial diameter and dial opening of the case on these? i suspect a 30mm dial? Thanks
  10. Hi I have a Ginault ‘Ocean Rover’ with BGW9 lume. I want to fit a set of Mercedes hands and will need to get them lume to match the BGW9 dial. Can anyone recommend a ‘lumer’? Preferably UK / EU. thanks.
  11. Hi Thanks for the input. There is so much experience here, and it's great how sharing that experience and knowledge is encouraged. This is a fantasy build idea I have! It's obviously not going to be a purist build but there are some features I prefer. I would like a 114270 (36mm) with no rehaut engraving, lug holes, 7mm crown. A printed explorer dial with pillowy lume (white / blue). Correct 114270 hands with matching lume. And a SEL bracelet. Why? Because I like these features! I've been playing with a cheap case. The mid case, crown and tube, b
  12. I love the quality of the JF V2 214270 - I just wish the same quality was available for the 36mm 114270. I definitely enjoy 36mm, I love drilled lugs, don't like engraved rehauts and prefer printed dials. I see a fantasy Franken / genstein for my version of a modern, Tempus Machina influenced, 1016. My recipe: 36mm case - drilled lugs, clean rehaut. - doesn't need to be explorer, could look at Airking / datejust. Can get lugs drilled. 7mm crown and tube - gen if possible, I need to research as the early 7mm sub crowns were nice and slim I think?
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