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  1. Having missed out on watchco builds, I am looking at options for this too. Does anyone have a contact in Vietnam for the sm300 case? There are some overpriced kits on Etsy at the moment, are these Vietnam cases? Could an eta movement be used instead of gen omega movement? Would an eta fit and line up in the case? Would gen dial and hands fit eta? What do you think?
  2. Great project. Congrats and thanks for sharing with us here too. I think it looks great. Riyi seller is excellent and I have had the rivet bracelet from him too. Here is mine on similar case, custom build: IMG_7422.HEICIMG_7424.HEIC
  3. Thanks. 501B end links ordered. I will update here how successful they are. I think I have a 16800 stamped case back on my JF16610 case . .
  4. Hi and Thanks for your reply. As the case is a '16610' I suspect that the 593 would not fit? Is there a difference between 501B and 580? Both are available from WSO (or at least stamped as '501B' or '580') . . If one is designed to be overall a smaller piece then that would be my preference.
  5. Hi I have a JF16610 with drilled lugs and a 16800 matte dial. I have been using the JF SEL bracelet but would like a hollow end link bracelet. Which end links will fit the JF16610 using the shoulder less spring bars? And where to purchase from? I have seen '580' and '485B' types for use with 'fat spring bars' from WSO Alternatively, a complete bracelet with the correct end links would also be considered (but I do already have a couple of oyster bracelets I can use) I appreciate your help. 👍
  6. Hi all. I am looking for a Rolex Explorer dial - 14270 / 114270 type with raised indices (Like the photo attached) I missed out on another members build a while ago and I can’t get it out of my head! All I can find is rafflesdials. Are there any other options?? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi. Thanks for the photo, but it was the seconds hand I was interested in seeing.
  8. Nice! I’m particularly interested in how the seconds hand looks. Is it the 12mm or 13mm? I would love to see how the seconds hand sits at the 6 marker. Thanks!
  9. Awesome black 1016 HWA I have a few Rolex type acrylics sitting around . . perhaps let us know the ID / OD and see if something will work for you? Or, install a sapphire? With the nylon gaskets, it might just work? I have a ‘parabolic’ sapphire for acrylic type cases . . It’s domed on the underside and flat on top with a nice edge bevel. Some nice distortion effects, if you like that sort of thing, which I do! just a couple of ideas.
  10. Appreciate the info. Thanks. I found this sale of a gen 214270 dial that states 30mm. https://www.chrono-shop.net/en/dials/4881-rolex-used-explorer-39mm-stainless-steel-black-dial-part-ref-214270-cal-3132.html#more_info_tab_more_info
  11. Hi I have a couple of 36mm Explorer case projects on the boil, but in my research I have been misled and forced to look at images of and glowing reports for the 214270 39mm 1:1 versions by NOOB and JF. I don’t think I can resist trying one! I might want to change the dial, can anyone tell me the dial diameter and dial opening of the case on these? i suspect a 30mm dial? Thanks
  12. Hi I have a Ginault ‘Ocean Rover’ with BGW9 lume. I want to fit a set of Mercedes hands and will need to get them lume to match the BGW9 dial. Can anyone recommend a ‘lumer’? Preferably UK / EU. thanks.
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