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  1. Nice photos! Did you have the watch tested for water resistance?
  2. Where did you buy the Sea Dweller? Nice!
  3. Love the Dan! I've listening to Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.
  4. ...but actually the odds are much longer than 1 in 60, unless it were a quartz watch with 1 tick every second. ;-)
  5. Point well taken. By the way, what are the odds that the second hand and hour hand would be perfectly aligned in the when I took the 1st photo!
  6. I've now been wearing my new TC Submariner Rouge for 3 days. Out of the box, it was even better than I expected. The contrast of the beautiful black dial with the red Yachtmaster second hand is stunning. I think that the negative DWO (white numbers on black background) is even classier than the original. (Face it, I'm not pretending it's a gen...it's a great homage). I do agree that the date numbers a slightly more left justified than the gen, but I am more than satisfied with the watch. I think that it's going to be hard to wear the other watches in my collection at this point!
  7. I actually have the original LP. Nice concept album.
  8. ...but to be serious, if I have to baby this watch, then I'd rather not wear it. Hope you enjoy your CrPO, resistor!
  9. Possibly the greatest album side ever..."Eagles Live", side 3 with "Seven Bridges Road", "Wasted Time", "Take It To The Limit", and "Desperado". :-)
  10. Sorry for the fingerprint on the superior aspect of the case. Didn't notice that! This was after hitting golf balls on the range for 45 min or so this morning.
  11. Just received my first rep, an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ceramic blue titanium 42 mm. I initially balked at the "12" being a little misaligned on the QC photos, but Josh insisted they were "OK". I still think they are little iffy, but overall, I love the watch and the Swiss ETA movement is keeping excellent time so far. I didn't include photos from every angle because all the QC pics from other members basically look the same as mine.
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