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  1. This forum isn't exactly bursting with content or members yet here you two go running off the one guy that's posted in the past few days. 😄🤷‍♂️
  2. I'm not sure what to believe anymore.
  3. It doesn't look bad. But that said I understand where you're coming from. All of the rep dials are too dark. Hell the latest BP vintage are a dark burnt orange. After so many years of progress it seems like things took a huge step back. Can't even get a basic sub or vintage sub or any of the common pam models anymore. Here's a thought... Order a white non patina version. By the time it arrives via 4PX it will be vintage and the month or two of shipping (for $35) inside a container ship at 200 degrees will provide for a perfect patina lume.
  4. You hit a moose in a rover?! Lol! I used to think Alaska would kill you before Florida kills me but I don't know.. the heat and the poisonous everything especially the Floridians themselves... I see those snow footprints and think what a relief it would be if those were teabag imprints from my boiled over balls. Speaking of balls, anyone remember the thread where prim and proper Josh was posting about how one of his balls hung lower then the other? Good times. 😂
  5. I'm still here. I don't post much. Feel like all the help, brotherhood and what not was all for nothing once I was banned from RWI. I'm a vendor over on RG now (US watchsmith). Things have changed so much. It'll be 13 years of membership here next month. Where's Lanikai?
  6. Same here... Had the gen and thought "when they rep it I'll get one".
  7. Damn. Thought I was about to get a deal on something, instead I have buyer blue balls.
  8. Hey BT. Good to see you're right side up. The nature of forums, people eventually move on but always wondered what happened to you since you were gone in the blink of an eye. Nice collection you've got there. A few noteworthy reps out there. Check out ARF stuff, notably the 43mm seadweller... And if you haven't heard- noob cloned the 4130 movement. I'd love to get one but $700 on a questionably made rep? Remember those old rules we all used to have... Only 5-10 in the box, never spend more than $300 on a rep, etc... How things have changed...
  9. I really like that, and the idea that it complements your ring is all the more special
  10. Who's got the best.. lock picks? Grats Mike!
  11. Uh.. Did you not just here Legend say take it to the sales corner?!
  12. Thsnks for posting Tribal. I had my suspicions about this. Finally someone tested it out. So... Where do we get this correct glass? I'm forever tempted to remove that stupid date mag to begin with. Love the watch though.
  13. Spray brake cleaner and a can of duster simultaneously. If dust persists, hold the duster can upside down while spraying and use a lighter to ignite the stream. No dust guaranteed. Seriously, use the dust bulb or if something is stuck and stubborn I would recommend AF rub-off. Rodico leaves residue.
  14. I cant believe you guys are still playing this [censored]... Maybe I should post a new game? shell... case
  15. Great point Mike. This is where he needed to be. WUS did you a favor Miguel. You could be the resident G expert. RWG doesnt put walls up they knock em down. I bet Nanuq could use a Gshock. God knows those beat up old Rolex(s) can't survive many more of those Alaskan winters.
  16. +1 Perhaps you should message the WUS team and ask them to help. If everything is as you said, perhaps there was a mistake or a solitary moderator was on an ego trip. It happens on smaller forums and rep forums, imagine wielding the power over a bunch of WIS on WUS.
  17. Are you waiting on a TT PO chrono? Temwperature? My buddy just got his after 3 months wait... DOA. I've been working on it, swapped the bicompax bits over to a new 7750 only to have the hand posts not fit back on the movement. Thinnest, softest hands I've ever seen. If it is indeed that PO(s)... I'd cancel it if I were you. I'm waiting 2 weeks today on two for me, and i'm already over it. It's too long.. Wish there was some option besides "wait forever, maybe something comes". Especially at $30 for shipping. EMS express my @ss!
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