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  1. Hey everyone. I just received my gorgeous Breitling SFSO Lite today, and couldn't be more pleased with it. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I am unbelievably excited to have it. However, I just had a question. I like to keep my watches clean, and on my genuine every day Esquire, I've found that an old toothbrush and toothpaste work wonders, followed by a quick soak to wash off the toothpaste, for keeping the watch gleaming like its new. Ive never had any problems with water seeping in or anything like that, but the watch is certified waterproof to 100m so no surprise there. With my new Breitling, I certainly have every intention of keeping it as clean as possible, especially given how wonderful it looks when its shiny and clean. So my question is, does anyone have any ideas regarding how I should clean it? Does anyone know if the watch is for sure waterproof (as that's my main concern, that when I wash off the toothpaste that water will get in, I'd be mortified!) I know the brush/toothpaste doesn't do any damage to the metal on my Esquire, would the same apply to this rep? And if you think there would be a problem, do you have any alternative suggestions for cleaning it without worry? I'm new at this obviously, and I'm overprotective of the watch already, so even if I'm confident that it's well made (and I'm damn sure it is), I'd be loathe to "hurt" this beauty in any way shape or form, and I just wanted to get some advice from you more experienced members before I made any attempt at cleaning it. Thanks in advance for any help! Cheers
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that I got my watch! And wow has it exceeded expectations! The thing is positively gorgeous, and I can't find anything wrong with it. It absolutely gleams, and I can't stop looking at it. Woo!!
  3. Well guys, good news! I got a tracking update last night (though obviously it was delayed, and though it was updated around midnight yesterday, the time of the message was 10:50am Tuesday) saying that my package had been released from customs! So it's been about 24 hours since my package was released, and I've got my fingers crossed that it'll show up today. Thanks for all the reassurance! I'll let everyone know when it does show.
  4. Thanks for the quick (and joking) replies guys, I appreciate the reassurance. Being a first timer at this, and with my anticipation for this watch mounting to a fever pitch (I catch myself consistently looking out the front door for a courier truck!), that little "handed over to customs" comment was positively disheartening. So thanks a lot for the reassurance, and now I just have to keep my knickers on and wait. Which is eternally frustrating! But here's hoping it shows up tomorrow! Im crossing my fingers and heading back to the front door. hahah. Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys. This may be a weird place to ask this question, but since you all have experience with ordering replica's, I figured it may be a good idea. I recently ordered a watch from Andrew at Trusty Time, and its been about a week. It was shipped via EMS China, and I've been tracking it through their website. Although the updates are slow and inconsistent, a new one appeared today (dated yesterday however), saying that my item had arrived in Vancouver (I live in Canada), and then the next update said that it had been handed over to customs...This concerns me. That's all it says, and I'm not sure whether to take that as "Your item is simply being processed through customs at the moment" or "You're item has been seized and you will not be getting it." If anyone has any experience that would relate to this or any input to offer, I'd really appreciate it, cause I'm getting a bit ansy at this point. Thanks
  6. Sorry Pug, thats what it was listed as on Andrew's site, so I'm just going by that. I've been doing as much reading on this copy of a copy of a copy business with the movement in this watch, but its still rather confusing so simple mistake.
  7. Hey Pix, Your watch is a beauty! The one I ordered is from Andrew and just like yours, White Dial and SS bracelet. Yours is a beauty!! I had actually already looked at your pics/review when I was making my decision, and your review/pics and the thread that accompanied it really convinced me to go with the cheaper model because it just sounds fabulous. Believe me, I'm already getting ansy and I ordered the watch two hours ago! This will be my first rep, so I'm really hoping its a great experience. Keep your fingers crossed, and I hope you're enjoying your SFSO. Just gorgeous!
  8. Thanks Chrgod! Both times I've posted a topic on here you've been very helpful, so thank you. So....I purchased it! The reviews of the asian version all sounded very positive, so I just ordered a White Dial SFSO on SS bracelet. *jumps around* I can't wait to get it! Will post pics and all as soon as I get it. I'm so excited to have finally ordered one. Woooo Now, does anyone have a time machine so I can fast forward through the next couple of days?
  9. Hey everyone In the last week or so I've absolutely fallen in love with the SFSO, and I think I really want to purchase it. I've been looking at the Asian ETA 2813 21J version thats up on the Trusty Time website, and it costs $168. The pictures look fabulous (much better than a lot of other reps at that price safe for some Rolexs and Omega's) but after all the reading I've done around here on the SFSO, I'm getting the impression that most people purchase the more expensive $300 or so dollar version, which is a little bit out of my price range. I'd really really really like to order the Asian SFSO like...today...but I wanted to ask you guys if any of you have experience with it (and I'm especially interested if you got it from Trusty Time). How's the movement, the quality, the finishes, weight/look etc? I've heard some minor complaints like the fact that it doesn't have AR coating (which, as nice as it is, I think I can live without for an extra nearly 200 bucks) and other minor things. Can anyone who knows help me out here with a bit of information, just on the asian 2813 version? If I hear mostly good things and there are no glaring problems, I'll be ordering my first replica today! I'd really appreciate some help, so thanks in advance!
  10. Ok guys, thanks so far for your help. I've read the guides by By-Tor and what not, read as much as I can, and still have an insane itch to get my hands on a navitimer or BCE. I guess my noobishness is going to shine through here again, but even with all my reading, I'm finding it a bit difficult to determine how exactly I go about actually finding and purchasing one of these replica's. I've found reviews for people who have got them, what they look like, all that jazz, which has helped me to determine which ones I'm going to look into, but I'm sort of lost as to how to go about looking into it. I've been getting the impression that simply PM'ing some of the collectors on the board (I keep hearing names like Joshua, Andreww, TTK, Ruby etc and I'm assuming these are dealers?) but I don't know if that's correct, for etiquette reasons or otherwise...Could anyone help me out with this? Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for everyone's help thus far.
  11. Usil, Thank you very much for the useful advice! I figured that the faux ones wouldn't be worth it, but you're absolutely right, the temptation is certainly there. I'll take your advice, and hopefully see what I can find! This whole process is exciting and making me ansy. lol
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys. 250 to 300, I suppose I should've expected that. I take it that it's due to the fact that Breitling replica's seem to be a hell of a lot more rare when compared to the sub's and such. Ethol, you mentioned getting one with an asian movement with faux chrono's. The price sounds a lot better than 300 obviously, but I'd rather spend the extra money if its no good. The faux chrono ones that you've heard of, what is the quality like? Solid weight/look/build? Is the movement itself usually solid, or do you mean to say that the watch does not function at all? (forgive my newb-ish-ness here). If you could point me in the direction of some of the reps with faux chrono's that you've seen I'd appreciate it, just because I'd like to scope them out and see what their like before pursuing a cheaper model over a better asian rep with working chrono's. Any thoughts/directions? Ps. I find Breitling's to be far nicer than Rolex's. Personal preference I suppose, but the detail I find to be far more impressive. Don't get me wrong, a Sub is a beautiful watch and I'd love to grab a rep of one eventually. It's certainly not my first choice It's Breitling's all the way for me.
  13. Hi everybody, Let me preface this topic by letting you all know that I am brand new to this site and equally new to replica's. I have had a diehard obsession with watches for the longest time, but I simply don't have the cash to spend six grand on one, so I started looking at Replica's. I've looked around this site and read as much as possible (including's By-Tor's and Edge's fantastic guides) and I'd really really like to find myself an excellent Chronomat Evolution or Navitimer replica. I live in Canada, and I'd be looking to spend about 200 or so (less is better of course, but not at the expense of quality!) If anyone could help point me in the right direction of where I could find a quality dealer for such a watch, I would greatly appreciate it. This site has such a wealth of information, and it's prevented me from getting suckered into scams, which I've always avoided but still been tempted by, and I figured this would be the absolute best place to get some help. I sincerely appreciate any help you can all provide me with. Thanks again!
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