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  1. Screw you and your impossibly difficult tests with your amazing watches 😝😉👍🏻
  2. hello All - finishing up a high quality 116610LV "hulk' franken build and put gen indice pips from gen dial on it lume is poor indices look great! who can lume dial and hands properly? mymanmatt is assisting on build @rolojack @Legend @Mike on a bike @misiekped any suggestions?
  3. It was a lovely piece! Thanks. I want to build a killer franken modern Day Date
  4. that was an exceptional build, but no I sold it I sell most of these things, build them, enjoy them, sell them. I am always bored. There’s only a core select few watches I keep.
  5. That site makes me wicked nervous... I'll reach out to Matt, good idea. We've done a lot of builds together.
  6. it’s where I found them? Yuki is sold out as is everyone else, and I haven’t seen anything come up in M2M sales. do you have one for sale?
  7. Hello all looking for a clone 3135 - see a lot of them on the bay. they range from $200 to $300 https://www.ebay.com/itm/for-RLX-submariner-parts-and-case-Clone-ETA-SH-3135-Movement-complete-compatible/264566823171?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3d99695903:g:dYwAAOSwKKZdpRot and here’s the $ one https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Watch-Movement-Automatic-CLONE-Replacement-Rolex-cal-3135-Frequency-28800/333088054870?hash=item4d8d985e56:g:HpwAAOSw40Zeg5tn thoughts? My plan is to put a good amount of genuine parts into it mostly the time-keeping and reliability parts. anyone ever do this? Any suggestion on parts to replace?
  8. WOW. Can someone embed 'fly like an eagle" please so we can listen and view this awesomeness haha That's so cool mike!
  9. What a marvelous piece of history and longevity. I love seeing Rolex tool watches "in the wild" being useful, as they were designed.
  10. Having a good solid read through the forum will answer all those questions for you...
  11. I don't have one, lol. I'm on the hunt for one too 😉 sorry
  12. Yes, yes it does. I have a genuine rolex 1603 and non-quickset BITES But it's a "heirloom" so it is what it is...
  13. In Europe there's several options - what are you looking to have done? That might narrow it down a bit.
  14. Moose tend to get in the way. Glad you're okay. That is an impressive piece, love the case styling and dial.
  15. That watch is as fake as _________________..... lol anything? I've not seen anything that shameless in a long time, it's just bad. If you really don't see that man, and didn't know... stay away from watch-buying. Me thinks else-wise you were just stirring the pot.
  16. What the flying F is going on here? Reminds me of Oswald Bates 😂
  17. Wise words good sir I've been there, it is no fun. Sometimes life and health bring you to the edge. It may happen once or it may happen many times. Human resiliency knows little match on our planet. We are capable of tremendous greatness. I am sure you have it in you and that you will rise again; a phoenix from the ashes of your current situation!.
  18. My guy won't touch Chrono's, especially Asian ones .... but he'll work on pretty much anything else and is very reasonable.
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