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  1. Happy Birthday marlin22!

  2. Go Noob....Remember the search button is your friend. This subject has been talked about at nauseum on all the forums.
  3. It's a V4 on a 6497-2 movement most obvious parts are the SN shape. MM screw, and SN screws, look at the set lever screw it is blue on the gen it is silver in color
  4. Are you F'en, and people are bidding on this? WoW!! But wait there is more.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Officine-Panerai-PAM127-Luminor-1950-Fiddy-LNIB-/251507874364?
  5. Actually this is far from the standard 6497-1 Swiss movements originally fitted into the rep watches, this is a true Swiss 6497-2 movement, the same as the one found in the gen but this has the rep bridges. Everything on the movement is gen ETA 6497-2 parts except for the bridges and swan neck components. If you look under the balance you will see the ETA stamp and the numbers 6497-2. Hey AJ don't sell yourself short man, you have a winner here
  6. No thanks necessary, the pleasure was all mine!! it's not everyday I get to deal with a true class act such as yourself Enjoy that beauty.....
  7. Hi Guys, Here is the latest addition the The Vintage Series collection, it's not complete yet but I wanted to put up some progress pictures. This watch highlights all the different options that can be added to the VS line. It includes custom engravings throughout, custom painted dial (I will be making my own dials for these builds shortly), custom modded and engraved movement. Here are some progress pictures....more to come.... Please note the watch is not complete, at the time I took the pictures it did not have the CG on and had not been polished yet... Custom painted and lumed dial in a classic brown. The hands were aged and lumed to match. My All Asian modded movement with vintage custom engravings can be seen behind the custom engraved plexi. This modern movement makes this watch a daily beater and will be reliable for years. Custom engravings through out the watch including between the lugs, solid case back(inside and out) and display case back on the plexi glass. Here are the VS markings on the main plate under the balance, each VS will have its own unique number assigned to it. Best part of all is this watch is reliable and robust, a true daily beater that will last for years to come...Cleaned, oiled and adjusted to the same specs as all my modern modded watches. More to come.........
  8. Tomorrow I will try different stitching options, this was just a fast and dirty hand stitch to see how it comes together. Here you can see some work still needs to be don on the text alignment.
  9. I am currently doing some R&D on in house straps for my Vintage Series watches. They will have matching numbers to go along with the watch so it is all one package. I'll be using vintage leather so it will look of age. I am trying to keep as much as I can in house, so far I can do the movement mods, engravings, working on the dials and now the straps..... I hope to post a completed watch with all the VS parts in it soon. Here are some pictures of a practice run, this is using new leather not vintage stock. Sorry for the blurry pictures.... Still need to work out some kinks but I feel they are looking good so far...
  10. Thanks G, coming from you that is a great complement! All is well, very busy these days thanks my friend, I hope everything is good with you too!! For the time being I am only doing this on my builds I don't have enough experience under my belt to risk someone else's baby. I'll post when the service will be available. That said NightWatch above offers this service and more.
  11. Here is the inside engravings for the build
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys.... This is an old post many refinements have happened since then, including a new version of the Noob 127 with better movement bridge engravings
  13. Just finished my first set of lug engravings for a 6152/1 build I am putting together. Tried my best to get them as close as I could to the gen engravings, I used many gen pictures to pick up the pattern of the different characters to try to mach them as bast as I could. This build is going to have many custom options on it including case back engravings inside and out on the solid case back and engravings on the plexi on the display case back. It will be running one of my modded 6497-2 movements with custom engravings shown in the last picture. Here are the pictures Here is the BREVET engravings with the main inspiration gen picture on top Here is the SN engravings with the main inspiration gen pictures on top The movement that will go inside, this will make it a reliable daily better and a very unique watch. I look at it as what Panerai would do if they wanted to restore an old timer with a new engine. Someone coined it akin to putting a new super hemi engine on an old school Charger...
  14. Beautiful simply beautiful, and the pictures are spectacular!!!
  15. So here is a little something I am playing with on the laser, one more addition to the Vintage Series build... Now please note this is only the R&D prototype the finished product will be better. Gen. Prototype