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  1. GOATmaster

    AP Picture thread

  2. GOATmaster


    I've seen this rep around. Twice. That's how rare it is. The outside discs actually move too.
  3. GOATmaster

    Patek 572A noob? Decorated bridges??

    Sooo I'm guessing this was a scam?
  4. GOATmaster

    Help- Lebron or Schumacher rep?

    Yeah the dial color is too dark on the Schumi, and the date window hugs the tachymeter which gives it away.
  5. GOATmaster

    Modded ROO Lebron James

    Wow, very impressive. I'd be hard pressed to know I was looking at a rep without seeing the movement.
  6. I can spot the difference in a second. Even at arms length. The BP (with a 2836 movement) version has the most accurate hour markers, but it has other flaws.
  7. Don't forget the fact that the hour markers are terrible on the Miyota versions
  8. This happens to gen gold ROs as well. I would recommend using a bit of dish soap and water and a soft cloth.
  9. GOATmaster

    Gen or rep?

    Most collectors don't drive a Lamborghini or Mercedes you know
  10. GOATmaster

    Gen or rep?

  11. GOATmaster

    Fraud ! weight AP Safari Trade with Malik

    No feedback, no trade.
  12. GOATmaster

    30 Apr holiday eve wrist shot

    Can you guys tell me a bit about these builds? I'm a bit intrigued...
  13. GOATmaster

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Yep, no significant damage though, I broke the fall with my foot.