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  1. @imajedi hey bud, i just now had a chance to check the forums. The issue is not so much the movement holder ring as others mentioned. Because the movement tabs to hold the lwo to the midcase fits in the groove of the midcase itself and not the movement holder ring. It is the tachy. What you have is an aftermarket/rep tachy. The rep tachy is a tad thicker and much taller than the gen tachy. This is why you see the underside of the tachy shaved. But it seems like the tachy is still a bit too tall. When taking a look at your repositioned tube, its at around where it should be for the lwo. So hopefully the glue removal brought the tachy down closer to the midcase. You also might want to change the main bezel gasket to a non shaved one. This will give you more room to push down the tachy towards the movement, although you will be trading off with a little gap between the bezel/crystal and the top of the tachy. Your movement and stem will be better aligned. Short of shaving down the tachy more, i think these would be your best options. Hope this helps. Good luck bud.
  2. Hey jedi, it sucks to hear about this.... did you use gen tachy of rep tachy for the build? Can you post a picture of the underside of the tachy, i think this might be the issue
  3. Whoa.... you sir clearly have not been around the ap section for long. You can see by my post count that I rarely speakout. But please understand that@legend is THE authority when it comes to APs. Especially here at RWG. Nothing he mentioned was hateful in anyway. He was trying to contribute with his vast knowledge of ap and ap reps. The quarts version shumi you show here is a terrible attempt at replication. As legend said, even the most expensive replicas of shumi around $800 vs $150 quartz still have huge flaws, namely the horrible grey tone of the dial as legend mentioned. I personally do not understand how you can think that a tick tocking shumi is acceptable especially when you know the build quality of the gen.[emoji21]
  4. Very nicely done. Those gen hands really complete the build.
  5. Happy Birthday gochessmango!

  6. Wow legend!! Hell yes. I have 3 aproo 42mms ready to go out to you. Whrere do i sign up?
  7. minute repeaters....

  8. Welcome to the forums gochessmango :)

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