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  1. Happy Birthday Jurgenk!

  2. W Thanks for that very enlightening review of the AP franken story-- fascinating reading and explains a lot of the joys and frustrations of the process-- particularly rewarding and challenging for AP ROO. It's a shame that the game has changed so that parts are so hard to come by, but that may be that the trail you blazed just got too popular. I've been away from the rep game for a little while but happy to see a lot of familiar people still sharing knowledge and doing what they love
  3. Zigmeister is an incredibly talented person who is willing to share his skills and knowledge with this group-- the watches are one thing but being able to work with him takes this hobby to another level entirely. Not worthy, not worthy!
  4. Fight days looks to be a totally different maker. Font doesn't even look reasonable. Agree with above, best to wait until they sort this out. The rep game is like a spectator sport played out in super slow motion. Occasionally some very good match ups like h fac vs noob (wonder if these workers say, yeah, I work at the noob fac) but for the most part a lot of also rans who barely know the rules
  5. That was three languages. Didn't realize the movement cloning was still happening in Taiwan-- This is some high end rep stuff. Feel somewhat better about buying from a country that is not at economic war with the west. This is definitely happening
  6. OEM dial, ETA 7753, noob case, rotor and hands, and Taka DW after some masterful tweaking by The Zigmeister
  7. That's really nice work The Zigmeister + OEM parts + noob base = amazing
  8. Thats a perfect way to characterize the random bits of surprisingly authentic replication in some very low cost replicas with more obvious issues: ironic
  9. DSNs' was good, don't know if he has these anymore, 289x mvmt w PR module was a rare find You have a modded Chinese 21j movement, not bad... Not much you can do to fix it tho
  10. That strap actually looks better with more wear, glad to see you were able to revive it. Nice!
  11. His bezels have bulbous pearls He will not stand by his products Not very helpful in my experience
  12. Great eyes and attention to detail Appreciating my early generation sosf with ETA a bit more after rereading this. Don't understand fully how so many part swaps and exchanges can be justified when the gen is so close in price to 3-4 of these reps? I know, rep logic doesn't always make sense, but shouldn't one draw some lines? Should build cost getting to 50% of retail gen be considered an upper limit?
  13. Cool pre-A project What CG are you adapting the case for here? Did you move the lug holes too?
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