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  1. Still here... but damn. This place is almost dead. A real pity. Don’t know why. I spend most of my time lurking at RepGeek under a different name. Sold most of my reps and still do a a lot of watch restaurations and other watch work. Mainly gens. Father of 2 beautiful daughters (4&7) which grow up way too fast. Working for the ‘man’ still sucks and hoping I can make a living out of watches somehow in the future. A man can dream.... All the best Mark
  2. Just wondering as I see a lot of reps being offered including these credit cards even with matching numbers. I never had one in hand. Back in the days I owned the paper rep Rolex certificates which had misprints and a bright green colour etc etc. Mark
  3. This watch Will up for sale in the sales section soon. I’m cleaning house.
  4. That is no clone p9000....Asian 23J movement. You will have a hard time finding parts.
  5. Wrong big GMT hand also... all GMFs currently have this unfortunately. So you have to live with it. I rejected 3 and all 3 had the same big base GMT hand. In the end I asked a refund because it looks ridiculous IMO.
  6. Remove the balance wheel and fork if you can and see if the gear train moves freely than. Such an immediate stop sounds strange and is usually a loose screw or part.
  7. New versions (>2018) have the Lasered logo en reference# underneath the Balance wheel instead of engraved and are all 25 jewels.
  8. Yeah the old designs rule... after the weird Chronomat B01 came out Breitling has lost it’s way IMHO
  9. Breitling is lost.... the Genuines are a waste of money as they depreciate faster than the Zimbabwe dollar. So the reps are also in that same category for me. Nice ... bu so are Oris divers
  10. Hi Mark,


    Hoe kan ik je bereiken? Gaat om een repair request.



  11. Hi, Does anyone know where I can find Jaeger watch parts? I’m looking for a Cal 975 hour wheel. Alteady tried: Cousins and Ebay. Seems like Jaeger keeps a closed parts loop.... Thanks
  12. Thanks for your toughts guys. Appreciate it. Indeed 2 sides to this story.
  13. Hi Guys, I know I haven’t posted much last couple of month. Busy with family and work. Still into watches and reps but on a slower pace and smaller scale. I still build some really good Frankens from time to time for family, friends, co-workers etc. Most of the time they keep them and enjoy them but over time I also lose sight of some people and the watches I build. They get sold, traded in and change hands. Recently I saw some of my work popping up on legitimate sites. Respectable sellers and jewellers are selling some my watches via Chrono24 and other platforms as genuine with ditto pricing. I feel somehow responsible for that even though I have nothing to do with the misrepresentation. What do you guys think? Mark
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