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  1. Gen or rep guys?

    If I had a pic of the movement I could answer the question myself
  2. Gen or rep guys?

    Thanks buddy. I actuallly know very little about Rolex believe it or not ... I'm a Breit guy.
  3. Gen or rep guys?

    Saw this in a local pawn shop. No papers. Thanks Mark
  4. GEN vs REP: Breitling rotor cal. 17

    Gen is on the left (and top) unfortunately. Finish is much rougher on the rep. Look at the Cote De Geneve and filling of the letters 'Breitling'. But it is damn hard to see. Even more if you don't know what you are looking for.
  5. Here are some pics of the gen rotor vs the rep rotor form the Noob SuperOcean II 44mm. Noob did a good job but the gen is a nice upgrade!
  6. Fake watches are for fake people...

    Exactly. Are Tempus, Blaken and Artisan de Geneve fake Rolexes?.....
  7. Great write up. The reason reversing wheels are stiff is not because the pivots and/or clicks are dry or gummed up. It is because there is too much debree or oil between the brass plates and clicks. The clearance between them is nihil. So even the wrong cleaning solution that will leave the tiniest amount of settlement can make the turning of the brass plates feel 'stiff'. Also solutions that will make the brass react can have the same effect. That's why ETA recommends replacement. They are too finicky to service for most watchmakers. PS: I usually throw them a couple of minutes in some naphtha and afterwards put the tiniest amount of 9010 on the ETA spots. Usually does the trick. A proper oiler and technique is essential of course. Sometimes it doesn't work and I don't mess around. I than just replace the f#ckers.
  8. Can't wait to get my hands on one of those. Looks very nice! watchbus.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3865&extra=page%3D1 video:
  9. SA3135 stem?

    Oh yeah... just so you know. Genuine Rolex stem won't fit.
  10. New breed Breits

    No. Just observations after watching the video - no anti reflective coating (huge tell) - wacky pearl - no serial# engraved ... really what are they thinking? I clicked away after that
  11. New breed Breits

    No AR like the Steelfish chrono... they are from the same factory (Oris-factory) and their quality is sub-par considering Noob, H, JF etc.
  12. I see a lot of nice genuine Rollies based in Japan and I'm looking for a trustworthy member living in Japan who is willing to do some triangle shipment and send them to me (EU) by airmail with a low customs value declared (so I won't be hit with VAT charges). Like we also do with our reps off course Anyone? Mark
  13. P.2002 is out woohhhhooo

    You had me
  14. Hour marker dial repair on v7 noob hulk

    Dude.... Just enjoy it.
  15. Fake watches are for fake people...

    I love your thought process. For me it is the latter from your possible reasons to buy a fake: I am obsessed and intrigued to get a fake as close as possible to the genuine counterpart in regards to reliability (movement, waterproof etc). My wife owns multiple genuines (which I bought her) and does not like wearing reps. She often tells me: "buy an nice gen as your next watch" ... But simply buying a gen does not give me the same feeling and reward as totally pulling apart a rep and servicing it to be on par with a gen. So my watch box consists solely of reps.