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  1. The most accurate 1:1 PAM00111 is from P factory
  2. 671 on PET Black, Anthracite Stitching
  3. Mitsukoshi Speedy on this throwback Thursday
  4. Speedy Apollo 8 on SImona Black Octopus
  5. 087 on Simona Lo Storico Sea washed
  6. Getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. Looking for an 064 and perhaps a 47mm diver here and there e.g., 202, 225, 364, 194. I'm located in Conus and should a sale occur outside of Conus, I'm aware of concerns and risks associated with sending across and accepting of those. Thanks in advance
  7. I don't think a specific font name will be found but in your research I'm sure you've come across many sites displaying the dials and their fonts. There should be enough to show what the fonts look like. Related, have you searched through paneristi.com? There should be sub forums related to the tritium dials found in the A series watches.
  8. Welcome to the forums martycus :)

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