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  1. Wristies from the past few weeks

    Gen 14270
  2. Arrival of my TC 16610

    Looks bomb.com! I'll take it! PM Sent!
  3. Merry Christmas from RWG!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  4. Asian 7750's $85 Delivered On eBay

    They've been coming down on price since they started popping up on eBay more often. Much cheaper than trying to get these things fixed.
  5. Is this Miyota rotor fixable?

    Hey everyone, Any idea if this rotor on the Miyota 9015 can be pressed back on? If not I guess I need a new rotor so WTB I'll go. Thanks, -jb
  6. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    I tried it on all day and decided I won't wear it enough so it's already been decided