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  1. Peashooter

    Rolex doesn't approve of customisation

    My Project X Heritage HS01 by Toro. Well I am impressed by the markings as it looks like everything that should be there is there. There is some issues though which I find annoying. The crown is 7mm instead of 8mm which is much more desirable. The AR on it is nothing to shout about, you can see the difference in reflection of the spotlight pictures I took in comparison with the rep IWC, the IWC wins hands down.
  2. Peashooter

    Genuine ETA2824-2 or a really good rep?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge
  3. Hi guys, Recently received a watch from a TD, when the case was opened up by the watchsmith, I was a surprised with the markings on the movement cause it's looks like a ETA2824-2 to me (I know nothing about watches). Can some one tell me if it's the real thing or a replica? Thanks
  4. Peashooter

    Rolex doesn't approve of customisation

    No lug holes and I don't think it's a 8mm crown. The red triangle market on the bezel is not a good as the one by Tempus Machina obviously. Lug holes & the crown can be solved if one is willing to throw money into the project but the bezel and dial by TM is problem that is not easily solved. Just the QC pics so gotta wait 2-3 weeks before it reaches me.
  5. Peashooter

    Rolex doesn't approve of customisation

    What a mistake reading this....i am now poorer by a few hundred bucks as I fell in love with it and had to get it. Got the Project X Heritage HS01 hehehe
  6. Peashooter

    The Omega Planet Ocean Ti 45.5mm from Toro

    No it's not a custom order, its a standard off the shelf piece from him. http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=37_128_129&product_id=774 My order is still in transit...stuck over in China for the past 7-10 days sigh
  7. Peashooter

    The Omega Planet Ocean Ti 45.5mm from Toro

    Nice quality pictures from Toro. Zoom-ed in and managed to see the 2836 marking on the movement.
  8. Peashooter

    The Omega Planet Ocean Ti 45.5mm from Toro

    Yeah, i am prepared for that. As long as the cal.8500 decorated/engravings is there on the Swiss movement, i can replace those loose/Asian/worn-out parts.
  9. Just placed an order with Toro. My second with him. Hopes it's really a ETA 2824-2 movement in there. Anything in particular i show look out for in the QC pics?
  10. Peashooter

    Interesting collection for sale ;-)

    Postage is reasonable though lol
  11. Peashooter

    17th August wristies

    Wearing this today PS: Need to the seconds, minute hands asap
  12. Peashooter

    Hamilton A05H21 vs ETA 7750

    Watchsmith had no major problems swapping out the movements but he did mentioned that the case has to be slightly tweaked, didn't pushed him for details. So you guys can consider taking this besides the base ETA7750 model.
  13. Peashooter

    My IWC 3777 from Toro

    Just gotten back mine after swapping out the A7750 with a Hamilton A05H21 movement + ETA Day & Date wheel. Took you advice about franken keepers and this is definitely a good move
  14. Peashooter

    Franken SMP Club

    My Seamaster collection, all genuine. Bought them by "accident"....all of them within a few hours through bidding on eBay a few years back. I placed bids on them and was only planning to get one but forgotten about the bids till it was all over hahaha needless to say I had to do a lot of explaining to my wife The chronograph is the Titanium / Titane version.....one of the most comfortable bracelet ever
  15. Peashooter

    IWC 79350 movement on ebay

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162140842250 If it's real then the price is dirt cheap