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  1. Nicely done comparison. I agree with this guy ^^ Even if you had a gen everyone would think it was fake because they're so rare. So screw the tiny flaws! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks! I just put in a new sternkreuz service crystal yesterday too. It looks so much better now! And it doesn't scratch as easily as the original one.
  3. Do I find Athaya products on homage forum?
  4. Thanks! And now that I think about it, it was probably closer to $215.
  5. This is a Snowflake budget build that I completed about two weeks ago. It was meant to be a project that could be completed for under $250. Sooo, that meant I was unable to do some of the more detailed things like the engraved caseback, gen spec 580 end links, send out to get case reshaped etc. But I think it looks great for the investment and it accomplishes exactly what I was looking for. The parts are: Case: cartel 5512 Hands: raffles Dial: raffles I haven't aged this one apart from a little bit of hour marker aging which can't really be seen in the pics. I plan on doing the insert sometime soon. But for now, I;m enjoying the new old stock look. Next build will be a Tudor 7922 big crown! I'm excited about that one as well!
  6. Jimbo85281

    Pan Am 6542

    Jesus, that is perfect. I haven't seen any other white dial 6542's!
  7. Good choice going with the red depth rating!
  8. This is truly amazing work. It's incredible what you guys are capable of in this hobby..
  9. I think that if a quality rep lasts 4-5 years it's definitely worth $350. And if you're lucky, it'll last much longer than that!
  10. Welcome to the forums Jimbo85281 :)

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