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    I've been after a V2 Ploprof for a while. Bad news I'm afraid. They have been out of production for a while and I have contacted almost every trusted dealer from several replica watch forums and they all tell me the same thing, they dont have them any more and the ones are left are QC rejects. I'm out! There are a few whiles ones but that is it, not for me unfortunately. Basically anyone claiming to have them is highly likly to about to scam you or just sell U sh!t. Your options are: Buy one second hand Helson Sharkmaster Get a white one and mod it to your tastes Good luck, but not so good luck you beat me too it! ;-) Please let me know if you find any alternatives. Thanks.
  2. Happy Birthday chard101!

  3. I think these crooked rascles are trading again. http://www.watch-superior.com/order.asp Their contact address is watchestrade.watch@gmail.com
  4. Welcome to the forums chard101 :)

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