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  1. Its easier to get the correct 555 endlinks
  2. For a couple of reasons in want a new bezel for my 116610LN, but where can I find the best one? Any help to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated!
  3. After some research I think its a seagull st-6...
  4. Man, thanks for the reply! Great stuff
  5. I’m in the process of building a franken 15000 date. But as it turns out, I’ve blown all of my budget on gen parts, everything except movement and hands is gen. I have a movement laying around from a old rep that I wanna use, and just buy nice silver Date hands for it (hands are cheaper than a movement), but I can’t find the ones with the correct hole size... I’m looking for Hr=1.34mm, Min=0.835mm, sec =0,22mm. Any one who can point me in the right direction? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Wow! Thanks for the info! I probably have to cut the dial feet anyway to make it fit a ETA
  7. I recently bought got a gen rolex date 15000 case set, it came with everything except a dial, dut im wondering if a dial from a 1500 date will fit, so i can expand my search. Also, is the hand length the same as a datejust? thanks!
  8. I have a 16610 with gen bezel and crown, Yuki bracelet and a Clark crystal. Is is it worth it to upgrade to a gen crystal?? thanks
  9. I would love a set, or two, of the vintage DJ spring bars! If anyone could help, please let me know!
  10. Thanks for all the feedback! i think i keep the watch as is. I will keep searching for the perfect 16200 to complete the trio 16030, 16200 and 116200
  11. To be honest, I don't know... i had a rep day-date laying around, took the day disc off, and it fits perfectly!
  12. I was wondering if it is possible to convert my franken 16030 to a 16220? I googled the differences between them, and the main differences (besides the movement) is the crystal. Can I just swap the plexi for a sapphire, or are the case and bezel too different? If it's possible to switch the crystal, what is the part number and where can I find the best sapphire crystal? Thank you!
  13. Unfortunately i have regular stick hands, but still searching for the correct ones who will fit an ETA...
  14. Hi, I'm planning on building a Air-King for the misses, but on a budget. I have a gen case, gen dial, clone movement, aftermarket hands, all i need is a crown and a bracelet... Where can i find a cheap gen 24-530-0 crown, or nice signed rep? And who has the best signed 78350 bracelet, Yuki, Raffles, Riyi or ..... ? Any help is appreciated, all the best Mark
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