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  1. I like the new look !
  2. Don't bother trying this link, The forum has been deleted..... http://mywestfieldwatches.freeforums.net/board/1/general-discussion
  3. Astronaut "G"
  4. 1962 USA Made Accutron Spaceview "C"
  5. Please let me know how it turns out. Steve
  6. I see, With so many types of movement and case I couldn't understand how you could make some movement fit any old case.
  7. opps I guess I should have seen that, sorry......
  8. Was the case you bought made to use the Seagull Unitas clone movement ?
  9. sishac I tried to send you a PM but you don't except PM's, anyways I'm not a pro but I'm very good at fixing watches and if you can't get the movement to work I can take a look at it at no charge if you like ?
  10. No they are not all the same, Some are taller than others because the tall 18kt gold bezels weighs 5.5 grams and the shorter 18kt gold bezels only weigh 5.1 grams, I'm not sure but I think the difference is a 36mm datejust with a acrylic crystal vs the newer sapphire crystal
  11. Yes you have that right and add to that a Parachrom Blu hairspring with a breguet overcoil, I don't think replicating that will happen any time soon.....
  12. Speaking for myself only I'm very much against anyone who makes a watch with the intent to deceive someone in order to sell that someone something that he is not getting in that sale !
  13. It looks more than classy in the pictures so I can only imagine what it looks like in person ! How did this beauty come about, How did you "make" this ?