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  1. Dan71

    Cartel 5513 Bracelet Midlink Line Fix

    Is a reflection..
  2. Dan71

    Cartel 5513 Bracelet Midlink Line Fix

    I can’t open the link .. but yes the curve is barely noticeable, so you can leave the middle link how is now ! Nice work , I have to do the same on mine
  3. Dan71

    Cartel 5513 Bracelet Midlink Line Fix

    If You check a gen bracelet was little convex (like the other mid link on the bracelet) but not straight flat like the cartel one.. See pic from chrono24
  4. Dan71

    Cartel 5513 Bracelet Midlink Line Fix

    Good work! If you are able to make a convex profile (now is flat) is perfect..
  5. Dan71

    Brace yourself...

    Tks for sharing read all in a breath ..
  6. Dan71

    My last build 1680 red

    Emanuele effettivamente non si capisce cosa intendi con Mask ..
  7. Dan71

    Happy Easter

    Easter at my second home near Torbole /north Garda Lake Italy (famous for windsurf..)
  8. Dan71


    I send you a mp
  9. Dan71

    Rolex Wristies thread

    So the dial is gen luminova or mbw?
  10. Dan71

    Rolex Wristies thread

    please , spec of this cute watch?
  11. Dan71

    A/6538 Military Submariner with Burford dial

  12. Dan71


    nice project ! any update ?
  13. Dan71

    New HR 5513 dial...

    Nice improvement , seem they have also correct the crown before the second and third point touched at the base in other pics that I saw . Pic1 and pic2 another rep forum member , Pic3 from opener above. Still there is a little gap/distance between the O and the L , on the HR 5517 dial this gap isn’t present Pic4 form another rep forum member
  14. Dan71

    1665 DRSD- Crown question

    Suk this is your crown and for me is already a 702 .. Or I’m wrong ?