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  1. Tks for the tip.. My ghost insert in reality was my mistake. I was looking for a gray color so I put the insert over a oven flame and I reached the perfect gray color . But than I put it on a glass with bleach and all the gray color instantly disappear and leave only this ghost effect ! But now I’m satisfied with the result :-) The ghost amplify the brown of the dial..
  2. Update New ghost insert !
  3. Maybe I’m wrong but seem exactly like my ruby the surface is not like the gen that is matte black but with a charcoal grey texture .. Anyway is a nice dial ..
  4. [mention=27923]thorne[/mention] the MQ base dial texture is matte like gen or with a uniform painting not perfectly matte but a little glossy? Almost like a plastic surface Because i bought a tropical brown ruby 1665 and have this effect like a plastic painting .. I know well how is a gen because I have a gen dial 1680..
  5. Ok the sun the color change to almost ghost brown..
  6. Change the insert with a brown Slay one
  7. I’m not convinced ..I faded it too much, on the oven flame don’t turn brown but grey and deep grey don’t match with the brown dial :-( so for now I take ghost ..
  8. Ghost super faded kiss 4
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