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  1. So do you mean that the gmt hand over the time change the length of the tip gmt hand ? Maybe the service gmt hand was different from the earlier?
  2. Go back on 1655 topic Yesterday I add tiger hands . I attach a little piece of paper to the tip of the gmt hand for extend about 0.5mm the total Length now is 13.5 from the center hole to the tip . Is a pain in the ass this little mod But Now is gen like almost touch the rehaut
  3. A lot of passion here , I’m not so expert so I can’t really appreciate all of your tale.. I know only that my father still today talk about his old Ducati 200 elite or sport He don’t remember exactly .. He talk that they lower the handlebars for a sport posture they put a tartan blanket over the tank for lean the body over . They attached leather fringe to the seat. Trouser with the same fringe and stud . I think was a kind of rockers sure not a mods Here some sample: His first motorcycle Moto Guzzi - Guzzino 63cc or 73cc but that tuning to 100km /h Here my little contribution
  4. I use a IOSSO for polish great product Really a Ducati ? My dad (now 83years old) in the 60s had this Ducati 250 Diana .. With many parts chromed to clean and polish https://www.moto-data.net/ducati/250-diana-mark-3-1962-1964 Here below with another nice Gilera with Garda Lake landscape (Italy obviously) almost a James dean ..see the handmade shoes loafer suede in blue :-)
  5. I understand sometime is frustrating you have all gen spec parts and they don’t fit :-( I’m also had enlarge the inside of a Clark bezel assembly (the retain ring) on a cartel 1680 to fit a Clark plexi that was too big or maybe was only the jkf rehaut that was too big, mystery .. But now for this 1655 bezel that I have paid an higher price is a pity shave it down , better shave a 10€ plexi.. And I will try to polish it for reduce the white of the plexi that come out after you shaved it with sand paper .
  6. @Automatico just arrived the sternkreuz XS 302.450 for rolex 116 and fit better than the stock BP, i mean the plexi inside diameter stick perfectly the rehaut, is impossible rotate it when placed over the rehault. but the external diameter of this plexi is like the BP stock , a little too big for my Vietnam bezel, maybe i can push it down (with a plastic tube self-made tool) but sure it crack..so i prefer to shave down it a little . perhaps is my vietnam bezel that don't is gen spec.. but my bezel MK3 (pic with stock plexi) is similar to the phong a
  7. Automatico please when you have time a pic of your hands..
  8. With sweep second hand do you mean straight without circle ? But for what movement eta ? Which GMt hand do you have ? I have order the tiger set for my 2813 gmt movement but I don’t like the gmt hand is too short . I want a gmt hand that almost touch the rehaut like gen . The only gmt hand with this length is phong 190usd or MQ 300 usd for the 4 hands kit for 1575. Too much ! and i have to adapt the gmt to 2mm hole and also the other hands WSO have 1655 hands for 1575 but the pics I’m not sure are for the real gmt hand they sold and are not able to give me a serious reply, on the pic on
  9. @Automatico which base watch do you have ? i just build a 1655 with BP Base watch and inside is engraved 1675 😞 a vietnam gen spec bezel misure between 30.20mm and 30.30 circa my mechanical caliper is not so good the stock plexi was to big for this bezel so today i shaved the outer diameter of the plexi with sand paper 1200 an now work with the vietnam bezel. i have bought a 116 steirnutz (below pic with misure ) or whatever the name is for a better cyclope , when it will arrive a try it and write here.
  10. Ok now I can see it .. [censored] now i have to change it on my 1680 and 1665.. But which seller for this second hands pointed for 2836 movement? Or a complete set..
  11. [mention]Nanuq [/mention] I have never understand what mean tapered second hand .. Do you mean the shape of the hands is narrow on the point than the base ?
  12. I’m a noob compared to other member , but for what I know the 6536/1 have a very thin middlecase is the thinnest middlecase compared to the other Rlx sub of the same age.. Why you don’t buy the new 6542 (the one that sell kuvarsit and Jtime) ? You can have a thin case, a nice caseback , a nice bezel (not the correct for a 6536 but similar ) You have only to found a nice dial and a correct insert . And maybe change the 2836 with a low beat movement . This is my simply recipe for a nice watch 6536/1 without spend a fortune .
  13. I know that helenarou sell 5513 caseback . I remember that other have put it on cartel , but not me directly so not sure if compatible with all cartel batch. Write here if you buy and fit your watch ..
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