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  1. Rolex Wristies thread

  2. Better with polished bezel .. I give you same additional info: -the Clark rotating bezel don't work on the Cartel retaining ring (the Clark is narrow ) -the Clark Retaining ring work with Clark plexi 25-127 , only is necessary a lot of energy for press it, I used a round plastic tool over the retaining ring and another one on the back and i put the watch (cover with this plastic round tools) inside a manual vise, for press the retaining ring close to the middle case . -the Phong bezel insert is flat (I think like gen ) so the plexi come out from the insert 1mm circa more that the cartel insert that is convex..
  3. Rolex Wristies thread

    Ok tks for link but chrono24 is not famous for transparency..IMHO Any other trustworthy website or blog that declare and confirm that service dial with red write? Only for curiosity and my personal knowledge ..
  4. Rolex Wristies thread

    @interactiv i never saw a service luminova dial with red write submariner..all the service that I saw (tritium or luminova) was with white submariner . Maybe the write submariner was painted in red from the seller of this dial?
  5. Nice comparison tks for sharing ..[mention=43268]rolojack[/mention] I have a doubt about the diameter of case and bezel of this rep..because I have read that the cartel is 38mm but the genuine was little maybe 37 ?
  6. New entry: Clark bezel assembly + phong insert.. I have sweat 7 shirts for install the retaining ring :-( and still is not perfect.. after 50 or more turn with vigor now the bezel ring rotate correctly but is still hard to rotate , it is without bezel spring because with it installed the bezel don't rotate at all :-( I have a doubt if I should polish the bezel or keep rough
  7. WSO bezel 5513

    Ok but you have found same trouble installing the retaining ring ? Any suggestion ?
  8. WSO bezel 5513

    @hologramet I figure that cartel isn't gen spec. @Bart but do you have try if the bezel ring startime work on cartel retaining ? There are problem to fit the startime retaining on clark plexi ? I read that the last wso is bad quality .. Other option for change only the bezel ring over cartel retaining ?
  9. WSO bezel 5513

    Hi Bart, I want change the bezel ring on my cartel (perfectclones ). Do you have bought from startime the entire bezel assembly ( retaining ring+bezel ring ) or only the bezel ring ? If only the bezel ring It rotate correctly over the cartel retaining ring ?
  10. My Phong 5508

    Yes , I don't think phong have the triangle shipping ..maybe buy only parts is less risky. When will be the moment i well ponder the best solution ..also I like the phong tudor 7016 and the blanckpain ..maybe with these 3 piece I will can calm down my watches avidity? Mmmm
  11. My Phong 5508

    Ok , I wait with impatience pics with the new dial ..
  12. My Phong 5508

    I'm not an expert but seem nice..what do you think about case back ? maybe I'm more for a lower plexy. Please do you have dial and insert pics ?