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  1. Ok but you have found same trouble installing the retaining ring ? Any suggestion ?
  2. @hologramet I figure that cartel isn't gen spec. @Bart but do you have try if the bezel ring startime work on cartel retaining ? There are problem to fit the startime retaining on clark plexi ? I read that the last wso is bad quality .. Other option for change only the bezel ring over cartel retaining ?
  3. Hi Bart, I want change the bezel ring on my cartel (perfectclones ). Do you have bought from startime the entire bezel assembly ( retaining ring+bezel ring ) or only the bezel ring ? If only the bezel ring It rotate correctly over the cartel retaining ring ?
  4. Yes , I don't think phong have the triangle shipping ..maybe buy only parts is less risky. When will be the moment i well ponder the best solution ..also I like the phong tudor 7016 and the blanckpain ..maybe with these 3 piece I will can calm down my watches avidity? Mmmm
  5. Ok , I wait with impatience pics with the new dial ..
  6. I'm not an expert but seem nice..what do you think about case back ? maybe I'm more for a lower plexy. Please do you have dial and insert pics ?
  7. Better if it have patina ..is more realistic! Any pics is appreciate but I'm curious about the profile and case back ..
  8. Ok tks , if don't bother you, can you share other pics? When you have time..
  9. Sorry for resume this old post , but i can't found other 3D about your watch Sogeha.. im curious, then do have improved the watch? But above all i cant figure out if the diameter and thikeness of phong 5508 are gen spec or is bigger ? tks
  10. rolojack which the watch donor ? I remember Vulcain did big case ..
  11. Is a good theory..or maybe the other have changed the hands during the service..
  12. Here the are some 1680 from different period: http://www.vetroplastica.it/Rolex-referenza-1680-55.html For you the 74' and the two 78' are all 3D or flat ?
  13. Around the turn of the 70? So not from the 80' :-(
  14. @Revere Tks for reply , I looking for on the web but I found only little information. Also chronoshop have some hand for 1680 that seem to me very flat .(see below) Maybe other 'guru' have the knowledge about old submariner and correct hand ? https://www.chrono-shop.net/en/tritium-luminova-hands/660-rolex-tritium-aiguilles-submariner-5513-1680.html