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  1. Ok now I can see it .. [censored] now i have to change it on my 1680 and 1665.. But which seller for this second hands pointed for 2836 movement? Or a complete set..
  2. [mention]Nanuq [/mention] I have never understand what mean tapered second hand .. Do you mean the shape of the hands is narrow on the point than the base ?
  3. I’m a noob compared to other member , but for what I know the 6536/1 have a very thin middlecase is the thinnest middlecase compared to the other Rlx sub of the same age.. Why you don’t buy the new 6542 (the one that sell kuvarsit and Jtime) ? You can have a thin case, a nice caseback , a nice bezel (not the correct for a 6536 but similar ) You have only to found a nice dial and a correct insert . And maybe change the 2836 with a low beat movement . This is my simply recipe for a nice watch 6536/1 without spend a fortune .
  4. I know that helenarou sell 5513 caseback . I remember that other have put it on cartel , but not me directly so not sure if compatible with all cartel batch. Write here if you buy and fit your watch ..
  5. Maybe Do you use a spare parts of the bracelet ?
  6. @denimhead please I can’t understand which connector I have to search on ebay ? “ Ebay rivet “do you have a link on ebay ? @Mr Seamaster please where do you found this connector ?
  7. Auguri di un profittevole 2020!
  8. Buone feste ! Recognize the mistake..
  9. Lovely ... $1,140.00 USD ? we spend a lot more for some Chinese’s parts project 5513 that are not waterproof :-( And this? https://www.gnomonwatches.com/products/30-atmos-marina-blue
  10. Dan71

    Lume tape ?

    Is not lume paste how you can see on other Vietnam dial or plastic plot like the cartel 5513 or the relume job make here by some expert guy Check the 12 triangle seem like a fabric cut from a sheet and than glue inside the print plot .. Like this material below but with a brown velvet /grainy texture .. http://www.stefanv.com/watches/making-custom-watch-dials-1.html
  11. Dan71

    Lume tape ?

    Hi In my 6542 recently bought from kuvarsit there are lume dot that look like old tritium at distance but in macro pics seem like velvet fabric.. And on the bottom of these dot there is like a yellow paper. Maybe they use adesive lume tape sheet that cut with hollow cutter in circle and triangle? Only a curiosity, do you have already saw this lume tape with grainy velvet effect ?
  12. Dan71

    my vintage GMT

    [mention=175]alligoat[/mention] yes in Italy the custom is a problem so I have chosen triangulate shipping .. [mention=16926]joeyB[/mention] which cheap case option we have other than expensive (600-1200usd) phong and ruby ? The jkf cartel are not correct also if you work on it for thinner the case . because the rear case and caseback are not gen spec. This rep have the correct caseback profile see pic below Below hontwatch 6538 caseback ( think is jkf ) that for what I know is not gen spec
  13. Dan71

    my vintage GMT

    TS watch for what I read is not a trusted dealer so I don’t give too much trust/credit on the pics , also this dial seem print with a home printer ..the word are all grainy..
  14. Dan71

    my vintage GMT

    I have already a 2846 on my drawer not sure if a real eta or a copy. brevet crown ? athaya maybe have this or other source ? The bachelite in reality is black not blue but seem a very deep blue how some old 6542 see gen example below the link https://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=616336 Forgot to mention that the TS with s&L have deep blue insert .. I have a doubt about the triangle indices at 12. On this rep there isn’t gap between the top of the triangle and the chapter minute ring . Seem like the 1958 batch (see vetroplastica link forum below ) Maybe some expert here can confirm if this mark/batch exist https://www.vetroplastica.it/Rolex-referenza-6542-21.html Also found this discussion not clear if gen or rep about a similar dial https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vintagerolexforum/thoughts-on-this-6542-dial-please-t39341.html All the watch on sale on chrono24 have this dial with the space between the triangle and minute chapter ring .
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