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  1. Maybe I’m wrong but seem exactly like my ruby the surface is not like the gen that is matte black but with a charcoal grey texture .. Anyway is a nice dial ..
  2. [mention=27923]thorne[/mention] the MQ base dial texture is matte like gen or with a uniform painting not perfectly matte but a little glossy? Almost like a plastic surface Because i bought a tropical brown ruby 1665 and have this effect like a plastic painting .. I know well how is a gen because I have a gen dial 1680..
  3. Ok the sun the color change to almost ghost brown..
  4. Change the insert with a brown Slay one
  5. I’m not convinced ..I faded it too much, on the oven flame don’t turn brown but grey and deep grey don’t match with the brown dial :-( so for now I take ghost ..
  6. Ghost super faded kiss 4
  7. I found this 1680 cartier pic , but I can’t found the article that explain if it was legit or not. Edit : found here http://www.lacotedesmontres.com/Enchere-No_43499.htm VENTE AUX ENCHÈRES ANTIQUORUM N°151 - 07 DÉCEMBRE 2006 - LOT N°354
  8. Tks for the kind words.. I have a little problem with data disc my watchsmith say they is simple to settle
  9. Below another my project 1680 with phong insert..
  10. @Automatico if I understand (my English sometime is not so good) You want suggest me the part or entire movement for have no data quick set like the 1570/75.. I have bought the eta 2879 because I have read that have the same hight of the 2813 (that was inside the jkf ) Than I have asked to my watchsmith to remove the quick data set, he found a solution: by file the tooth on a part of the movement (I don’t remember the name of this part that have two tooth) The first tooth is the position for the quick data set the second tooth is the position for set the hands.. So now when I pull out crown, The stem go directly to the second tooth for set the hands..
  11. In Italy we have an adage that says : “blu e marrone perfetto cafone” That we can translate “blue & brown perfect oafish” Haha That mean that the blue and brown don’t match each other .. But despite this adage I saw many example of this match color in fashion outfit..
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