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  1. Ok, please ask him for the h4 because I have to do this mod on my 2846.
  2. 'A special movement ring to fit the dial' Interesting .. @docthor do you know if Domi changed hands height with pinion/gear h4 ? Seem that the hands are correctly spaced from the dial..
  3. Hi ! sorry if maybe other have already open the same question , but i can't find this watch on TD website, i found only the 42mm on Silix. but I'm looking for the 38mm like the watch sold in the link below, with the amazing rotor like the gen !
  4. Hi laslopanaflex !


    sorry for bother you about i watch that you have already sold.


    but where do you bought the Hublot classic fusion 38mm ?  


    i can able to find it , i found only 42mm :(

  5. this watch IMHO ( and like already said alligoat )look like the Puretime that maybe is still no longer available..i have ask 2 time the last year to Puretime and it was always out of stock :-( Also , if you check the 1665 model , on the bottom description they have forget the write "PureTime has spent few months working with the best vintage" Maybe this unknown seller ycopywatches have found and start an agreement with the original maker of this watch ? surely better dial than cartel, better insert, silver dwo, clasp without the line engraving on the flip , and 2846..
  6. Ok.. but the new one (old mbw) work properly ?
  7. But you aren't waiting the new parts bezel assembly? And nice coupe' ..
  8. On this 3D on homageforum if I understand correctly seem that the wso bezel assembly have many problem .. http://www.homageforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&p=354731
  9. Rolex addict was not able to fix my 1680, so I think that is near impossibile to find a cheap solution .. I think you have to buy many parts (an entire bezel assembly )more than 200€ and maybe don't work.. I hope you find a solution , if it will be under 150€ i can follow your solution to fix this [censored] bezel assembly. Tks
  10. And the cost is = 0 ;-)
  11. I have try the last week with this transparent tape.. But before I have try with another black tape and he worked for months..the black tape was over the retaining ring where it is in contact with the plexiglass . The idea was to enlarge the diameter between the retaining ring (in contact with the plexiglass) and the bezel where there is the gap of diameter.. Now the tape (the transparent one) is also on the edge of the retaining ring , so I have fill the gap diameter between the bezel and where the bezel get stuck on the edge of the retaining ring .. The black was too thick so was not good for the edge of the retaining ring and the bezel don't rotate.. The transparent tape is thin but also strong so it work .. I hope it is clear is not simple explains in EN is my second language..
  12. I had also the problem that the bezel pop off.. So my poor solution is to removed the friction ring that pushed off the bezel. But than the bezel was too much loose..and also too easy to lose the bezel on the road :-( so I put some tape (the matte transparent one, see pic) over the retaining ring edge ,to make little thickeness the diameter. Now the bezel is more stable but is not glued so I can rotate it , is hard to move but rotate ..for a presumed 40 years old watch I think that is accettabile that the bezel don rotate easily ..
  13. For the cigarette card 200/660 I have bought one from rolojack months ago..a very good paper replica
  14. Nice.. You have changed the black bezel insert with yuki?