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  1. Dan71

    Doubt about 70216 bracelet

    So it is a fantasy reference number ?
  2. Hi I have a doubt about the 70216 bracelet that I saw on sale on eBay (from Riyi002), it have the solid links (see pic) . The gen 70216 was with hollow links or solid ? I can’t found any pic of gen 70216 And was this bracelet only for tudor or also for rlx ? Tks
  3. [mention=5071]e30m3[/mention] here we have a lot of information from Automatico! [mention=14711]Automatico[/mention] very kind how always! Not simple translate all the technical detail but is clear that is not simple this work also with a lathe (little or big) So Is not impossibile make the work with a dremel .. very useful the tip about the screw in the center throughout a hole on a spare caseback for enlarge the dial window! for enlarge the diameter we can use sandpaper while the case spin , maybe we can use the same sandpaper with a tool like a pliers for the dial seat ? But which sandpaper you suggest 600 and than 1200?
  4. Rolexaddict is a modder, I think was more active in the past on rwg.bz is always busy..or maybe prefer keep same job secret , I don’t know.. At the moment the jkf 1665 is the more easy work because the case accepts gen spec 26.5mm dial..
  5. I think the same misure for both ! RolexAddict make this work on my cartel watch so I don’t know exactly which tools he use .. But your lathe is professional (big tool) or those little lathe for model building ?
  6. Seem correct to me, but you have also to enlarge the dial window (the rehaut ) otherwise the minute track indices will be partially cover .. What do you use a professional lathe ? I have read that someone have made this wise by hand with sandpaper.
  7. Dan71

    A source for Vietnamese Dials and Rolex movements

    You are in the wrong forum..this is a replica forum if you don’t have realize that.
  8. Dan71

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    Tks Nice but 45mm is too big for me :-(
  9. Dan71

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    Nice ! but I’m not deep in this model and the blancpain in general , So I’m curious about flaws. Anyone with eagle eyes that found flaws?
  10. Dan71

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    Do you have a link? I can’t found the correct trusty website :-( Edit : is this ? https://www.intime03.co/blancpain/5366-fifty-fathoms-bathyscaphe-black-ceramic-gf-1-1-best-edition-black-dial-on-black-sail-canvas-strap-a1315-free-rubber-strap.html
  11. Dan71

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    Nice, but someone know if there is big flaws?
  12. Dan71

    Rolex Wristies thread

    Nice with the jubilee ! the clasp is like the old day just ?and where do you bought this bracelet ?
  13. Dan71

    Aftermarket Fat Font Bezel Insert?

    Phong bought months ago I’m wrong or I see that the 4 have a little square corner ? Is not perfect pointed..