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  1. Eventually I managed to slide it out far enough so I could unscrew the extension, and indeed as[mention=45345]raddave[/mention] mentioned those shoes are a pain. One of them slipped out, but after cursing just about anything on this planet I managed to get it back in.
  2. Hi guys! I recieved this beauty today; And I love it! I have also sourced a RubberB strap, complete with clasp, for it. However both the bracelet and the RubberB are a bit too big, now I can of course remove links from the bracelet, but not from the rubber strap, so I would like to remove the divers extension. However I have no clue how. I searched all the forums, and tried all methods, seeing if at certain angels the last bit would turn so I can reach the screw, but alas, no such luck. When I extend the bracelet completely the screw is partly visible (circled in red), but not enough to remove it. I also noticed that there are 2 small holes at the inside of the slidelock (also circled in red), and it looks like springbars in there too, I've tried opening these in order to remove the link, but no such luck again. Anybody have any idea on how to do so? I have added 2 close-ups from the bracelet (easier to photograph than the rubber strap since that's on the watch) but both the bracelet and the rubber strap / bracelet have the exact same mechanism Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. Nummer14

    what you drive?

    Nice!!!! Together with my dad we have this one; Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
  4. Nummer14

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Kingsday in The Netherlands [emoji322][emoji146][emoji1179]
  5. Nummer14

    Can it be? Is this The Day????????

    Congrats man!
  6. Nummer14

    My ever expanding collection

    You have a few veryyyyy nice Pam's my friend, some Natas builds? Otherwise the remaining watches left behind would feel neglected or lonely [emoji6]
  7. Nummer14

    My ever expanding collection

    Your not the only one! I still want a Day&Night FM but those are impossible the find right now, specially since elloello is retired
  8. Nummer14

    My ever expanding collection

    I assume you mean these two; This one is a Mad Dog Elephant strap, I bought this one m2m This one is a @Donerix 2.0 strap
  9. Nummer14

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Nope still waiting on that one, shipping went haywire [emoji17]