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  1. Ten PM in Ireland today. Not as spectaklear as Alaska, but impressive for these parts
  2. Well that was a blast from the past. I wear this watch more than any other. I have a small hoard of parts waiting to go into it once I finally retire. Anyway on to dimensions. I found this on Bob Maron's site https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Intestingly it is where the picture of the gen above came from, but anyway going on the dimensions he gives, mine is pretty accurate. 38mm but I guess it figures that after all these years and service polishes most will now be a little less. His gen is 0.5mm undersize, my rep is 0.4mm according to my calibrated digital calipers. Height I think will depend on exactly what crystal is fitted, but he states 12.8mm mine is 13.7mm but I know the crystal isn't too hot and is due to be replaced. Overall I think Phong cases are very, very good and I've heard stories, including one posted here of the unscrupulous passing them off as genuine.
  3. Hi everyone, I mentioned in a thread that I had bought a Phong 5508 ETA and Mendota-Explorer asked if I could post pictures and give impressions, perhaps others might be interested. So let's start with a little history. I'm a Geek through and through. I used to design and build robots for a living, always loved and obsessed over mechanical things so it was inevitable I'd become a watch guy. I'm a car guy as well. Anyway as a kid I used to gaze in the local watch shop at all the expensive watches and Rolex soon became a favourite. A certain Commander Bond probably influenced that, I bought watches over the years each time stretching a little further in price until I finally managed my first Rolex. About twelve years ago I was cruising the net and bought a couple of reps. An Explorer 1 and a Comex. I didn't know much about models at that time and had little idea what Comex was. Anyway the Explorer was a good buy. The dial is very poor and may soon be updated, but the case is as good as it gets. The Comex.... Well it's a no date 1680 Comex without lug holes. Very rare model! As I got to know more I became embarrassed I even owned the Comex and never wore it. Lesson learned, I stayed away from reps for years. I got sucked back into the rep thing by discovering this and other sites. I lurked a lot, even before I signed up. I read and became a bit obsessive. I knew I wanted a good rep. I don't much care what others think. Actually 99 out of 100 people don't even notice my watch and most of the rest don't care. If they say nice watch, I say thanks. If anyone I don't know asks about even my gen, I usually say it's fake. I don't want mugging thanks. So I only want the detailed accuracy for me. I knew Phong had the reputation as the best. I firmly believe his cases are the best. The price was a hurdle for me. It is a lot to pay for a rep and I kept thinking what if I'm disappointed? What if it's a piece of ***? Why don't I put the money in a gen or towards a Rolex gen? Well I ordered, sent off my money and sat having pink kittens about Customs either seizing it or taking it as gen and wanting thousands in duty. I followed the tracking and it duly showed up at my door without problem. I opened the package and if worn it every day since. I totally love it and don't regret the price one bit. If or rather when I buy from him again, I will only buy a case. I know more now and will buy dial and hands elsewhere. I think my 5508 will get some modding in the near future. Some gentle aging would be good. The Comex? Well when I looked at it again despite all it's faults the case is a good 1680 project base. It's gone to a modded in Paris and I'm hoping it will come back a killer double red.
  4. These are counterfeit goods. I can't guarantee no problems. Customs is always a risk for example. They won't just take your money though, and if they did, we would back you. Puretime has been with us a long time and I have bought from them several times. As to which one, I'll have a look and see, unless any of you other gentlemen have a suggestion? Do you want to wear it as is, or do you intend to modify it either now or in future? Okay had a quick look. A2813 is a Chinese copy of a Miyota movement, it's a workhorse, but sometimes the rotor can be noisy $148 what is not to like for a beater 2836 is a Chinese copy of an ETA movement. A wear as is watch, good Noob SA3135 is the movement that is the same shape as the genuine Rolex, but won't take genuine parts. I heard reliability improved recently. It's the modders choice and when the movement dies, a simple swap to the JF/Yuki movement, which is a clone of the Rolex one. like much in life, there is no simple answer. Any thoughts guys?
  5. Our TDs are here https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Also www.puretime03.com www.pf-818.com The dealer quoted above is a TD on at least one of the other fora, so legitimate, but not a dealer here, so we would not be in a position to help if there is a dispute or problem. If you are a member of other fora, they would help.
  6. That SA unit isn't the same as the JF/Yuki I think and only dimensionally the same as the gen movement, no gen parts fit and I think still not replacement parts available. Is that correct? Mechanism parts that is, I believe dial and hands fit no problem
  7. While you knowledgeable gentlemen are about, is the 114060 dimensionally the same as the 116610 on the gen? I seem to recall that was not the case with 14060 and 16610. I remember reading the no date case was a little slimmer
  8. No I don't think so. There are several warning signs. They are not the manufacturer Noob, I can be sure of that, yet their pictures are intended to make one think they are. The prices are rather higher than you would pay from a know Trusted Dealer. Pretty much every week we hear people new to the hobby say they ordered from a site they found on the web and got scammed. It is far safer to buy from a TD on the forums Welcome to the community by the way😀
  9. Well as a new seller you are fully entitled to sell at $199 or less, so it is not that. If you click this link and then click Create New Ad in the top right, it should lead you through the process step by step https://rwg.cc/classifieds/ If you have any further difficulties, please come back to us and we will try to resolve them Okay, I just found something. You listed a Noob DSSD. My colleague has remarked that "Please read the rules. A tagged photo and a price is required. Also, how are you accepting payment. Sale on hold." You can accept offers, but please give a price to negotiate from. A tagged picture involves putting a handwritten note in a photograph with the watch, it must have your username, the date and RWG.cc It is best if the picture shows clearly that it is a scrap of paper or back of a business card and not something that was digitally edited. This is to show you have physical possession of the watch and is a measure to counter scamming that we insist on from all sellers.
  10. Thank you. Eagerly waiting build thread on the solid gold sub
  11. I know of JF and Noob making Royal Oak Offshore models. Those who know more than me usually state the JF is the better model
  12. Welcome to our community 

  13. So anyone know why Mrs Heisenberg was dissatisfied with her marriage? One more thought before I go This post existed in all possible states before you observed it. Now it has collapsed into a single state. I hope you are proud of what you have done.
  14. Here:- https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Plus www.puretime03.com www.pf-818.com who are not on the list currently due to technical issues
  15. Dirty. And Im every other inch a gentlemen
  16. I don't know brother, but real science anyway
  17. Oh time is real, it's just nothing like the way we generally imagine it. It does not proceed at a constant speed, it can go fast, slow,and even in reverse. Time is a function of heat. Fermions vibrate and you have heat, which means you have time at some speed in some direction. Fermions don't vibrate and you have no universe, no observers and no time. Not that I'm into any of that geeky stuff at all you understand
  18. ^^^Nice post @KB. It looks just like the sort of thing Minty would have posted^^^
  19. Looking forward to seeing pictures @KB
  20. Operation Willard White is a go. As long as we keep posting in his name nobody will ever know, just like we did with Nanuq
  21. I'm shocked to my core that you say such a thing We agreed to say nothing until it was done
  22. Let it die guys, hardly any posts, no interest. Anyway Admin said stop
  23. Thank you, it's from my personal collection, I only bring it out of the safe on special occasions. Exceptionally dark nights mostly👍
  24. One of these depending on your wrist size. OP was looking for something at a little less than $3 billion
  25. I have never heard of that site, any of us that have been in the game a while immediately think scam when we see a site we don't know as many of them are. To be perfectly honest if you are looking at that price you are as well on Aliexpress. At least you have some buyer protection there. There is also a chap Nakaraa over at www.rwg.bz He often has watches at $100 to $200 that are reasonable for the money. If you buy from him, please tell him a Mod from RWG.cc put you his way. Also ask Nembo a Mod at www.repgeek.com he might have something. Again say we sent you please. Register as a member on the site before buying then you have some hope of Mods helping with any problems should they arise