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  1. I had exactly that same thought process- but ended up with a PO 45.5 instead. Love the Moon watch though- love to see them on leather too. Enjoy it!
  2. yep, pbdad is magic. Nice watch man- that came out really nice. wear it well.
  3. Yours is just right Dizzy. Are you guys removing the bezel, or just the insert? Could you just put some tape over the crystal and dip while the watch is assembled or are there ill effects on the crystal?
  4. Would love for you to log on, and tell me how you are planning to ship me the MBW 1665 that I paid you for. Still waiting for that.

  5. whoooaaaa- those are ridiculous! This confirms whats next on my wish list.
  6. That makes sense. My buddy has been watching Trusty's site religiously, waiting for that model to show up.... figures, he'd find a scam site.
  7. Have you seen this? No idea about this site- but a friend of mine is hot for a B&R Phantom and sent this to me this morning: My link
  8. Issues with mine are starting to show now after 3 weeks of ownership. its been on my wrist daily and I have no winder- but when i come home from work, I take it off and put it on the counter with my phone, keys and wallet- say around 6pm. If I do not put it back on the wrist by 6:30 am, its dead. I even moved the date change to happen at 12pm on my watch so it happens at noon instead of midnight. Even before I got it, I knew this might not be the most reliable movement - so I contacted The Zigmeister to figure out how to get into his list, price, etc- then I bought an ETA PO so I had a pretty suitable back up.... I'll assume that a decent cleaning and oiling of this movement should take care of my issues.... I hope.
  9. TeeJay, I couldn't have said it better. When I started looking at reps, it was all about the black. When I finally purchased a few, I have yet to buy a black one- although, the black UPO on a black strap has made it to my list. However, the blue IMO makes the best looking watch for my taste.
  10. I was on the fence for this vs. the UPO and the chrono just sucks me in- but after seeing your pics, they pushed me over the edge. Hope mine arrives in 5 days.... and hope mine is solid out of the box. cheers- dave
  11. I've tried to upgrade my membership also, but still on hold. To answer specifically, no- us noobs can't see collector area yet. Great site though- amazing how much I've learned in a few days here... scary amounts of info though. Want to make my first transaction an informed one- nice to have found a resource like this place.
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