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  1. MS work

    Manifatture Serioso vintage box Italian Old Leather
  2. MS work

  3. MS work

    New leather -vintage look / Cotton thread / PreV buckle / 24mm
  4. MS work

  5. MS work

  6. MS work

    Thanks for kind words You can see my portfolio is on https://www.flickr.com/photos/93171926@N07/ all the leather on my photo - stream are available .... I only make custom straps .... I have no stock! If something is particularly interesting to you, send me e-mail: manifatture-serioso@mail.com
  7. MS work

    Hi and thanks my friend MM strap 22mm / Italian leather / triple fold system / cotton thread / SS buckle
  8. MS work

    New light mustard leather Cream cotton thread MS buckle With Respect Manifatture Serioso [
  9. MS work

    I'm new on the forum, but "I see a lot of familiar faces" ... Greetings to my friends, colleagues, and of course members who are unknown to me !! I love to take photos of my work from different angles and from me you can always expect a lot of photos on a single theme ... I hope it will not be boring! One of the models in my offer Gen leather with my patina Brown-cooper cotton thread MS buckle with my patina Thank you for your interest! With Respect ManifattureSerioso
  10. Hi RWG, I work exclusively with Italian leather and besides I've got a huge selection of gen leathers from the period 1945- 1990. year! I have no stock with straps, I'm making them only by order, it is the policy of the brand "Manifatture Serioso"! With customers I always consult about all the details that suit them! Dimensions can be as you want .. width, length and thickness too! Method of preparation - classic, gen triple fold system, kampf ... so, we make arrangements on everything! Strap finish is one of my personal touches and there is no agreement ..... I think that is the main motive of unique strap! With suggestions, I try to help as much as I can because I know that there is always a problem buying strap from some photo , usually it differs from the real! There are option of making strap according to your wishes .... you can send me a photo of strap that you want and I make it as much as possible similar to the strap from photo , of course with my personal touch! Prices depending on the selection of leather and quantity of work! There are also "special" collector's gen straps that are more expensive, but that's another story and of course that is on offer too! Generally the whole procedure looks like this: 1 - Pay the agreed amount 2 - We consult about all details connected to the appearance of the strap 3 - Production deadline 14 days from payment 4 - When I finish strap, I send photos so you can see how it looks like, if that's what you want... of course there I count on your honesty gentlemanly code of conduct. Then I'll send it to you.... 5 - Sending strap, the shipment costs are included in straps prices, for all destinations! Please for understanding apropos responding to your mails! I get them a lot and do not have time to answer them right away! Certainly you will receive a response within 24 hours! My mail address: manifatture-serioso@mail.com I hope that you are satisfied with my answer and that can cooperate! With Respect Manifatture Serioso Some of my works:
  11. Welcome to the forums MSstraps :)