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  1. Hi - yes I could also be interested in this depending on the cost - please let me know and also timing?
  2. Thanks everyone for your ideas and insights. I’m probably not going to go the Ruby route, although I know that would be a quality case, as I’m going for more of a budget build (she quoted me US$750 plus delivery for a 6538 case set). Alligoat the Trusty option is also interesting; I’ve also got a Silix Prime 6538 – I know a lot of the dealers appear to basically have watches from the same sources so I don’t want to repeat that, but I’d be interested in anyone’s experiences with the Trusty versions. Automatico you make an excellent point about the case sizes of the 6538s etc – it
  3. Thanks Nanuq, much appreciated - very helpful. Great pics too!
  4. Hi everyone, I am considering a Vintage Sub project, my plan is to use one of the case sets for a 6542 from eg Pure Time or TS Station, as they appear to be (roughly) the right size and an OK bezel, and a slightly better design than eg Silix offerings. I’m planning on doing my own dial with clear waterslide decals plus some other mods - hands, replacing the crystal (or sanding down the date window if it’s an otherwise good crystal), brassing the bezel if I can get it off safely, etc. My original thought was to turn it into a 6536/1 (or 5508) as the 6542 case appears to be quite slim.
  5. Welcome to the forums Bubble Back1 :)

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