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  1. 100% photoshopped A lot of scammer over all boards answering to WTB ads....
  2. Hey guys Would anyone know if some repainted / refinished dial with the Al Assad red signature were ever made by usual refinished dial makers such as Minq/Yuki etc? Thanks !
  3. I bought a few times from him, seemed ok at the time.
  4. Great idea the pliers! I will email the guy to buy just the pins !
  5. You are right and I was thinking about a solution like this. I opened links before with two hands tools but it left marks on the links .. Maybe two different jaws on each side, I need to think about it and draw something. Any ideas where to get the replacement pins ? He won’t sell them separately from the tool
  6. Actually these are Vietnamese tool and displayed at 1200 USD each one..
  7. Ferrell Co Inc sell them in downtown LA. I contacted two guys by email. Let’s see. Can’t track the original supplier in HK.. Found IT for sale https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/580698399/outils-de-bracelet-rolex-rolex-bracelet 1200$...... crazy...
  8. Hey guys I’m tired of dissembling myself the Oyster bracelets I have. Anyone would know where to pick up those nice specific tools displayed in this video by “Perfect Time” I need at least the repair tool and the refitting tool.. If some one have ideas .. Thanks !!
  9. You can use this thread in order to identify your piece http://forums.watchuseek.com/f11/identify-1930s-rolex-pocket-watch-2494834.html#/topics/2494834?page=3
  10. It’s authentic they are many Rolex pocket watches around with nice stories but not so much expensive ..
  11. No problems . Just a preemptive move to avoid problems and improve reliability ++
  12. Not good. I just bought one and it has been serviced by a watchmaker Several parts changed with OEM ETA ones and service Now it’s better but not perfect
  13. Or Phong in the US.. perfect job
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