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  1. Review of Rolex Submariner WM9 v2

    Lol nope it’s not available for years mate, you have plenty of reading to catch up it’s a long and crazy story those WM9 days !
  2. I'm still alive but....

    I will pray for you mate Keep faith and continue to be brave
  3. Genuine 3186 movement

    Misiekped is your only viable solution to fit it to a V3 superb Noob case Add a gen bezel set and crystal and voila But I built a full franken back In the time and the case specs can vary so give it to an expert to fit the movement properly ..
  4. French guys

    Thanks mate we had a great party yesterday celebrating our national day
  5. London attacks

    So sick of those attacks .. every week, London, Paris, Brussels.. there are no solutions but living with this ..
  6. Rolex Wristies thread

    16600 D Serial
  7. New guy looking for replica submariner

    I remember back in the days, I was not even aware of the existence of submariners . Just à Panerai guy. Then over lurking some forums for years, talking to people, reading hours and hours.. Took some YouTube and DIY watchmaking class.. 10 years after I'm building passionately Franken subs and GMTs.. Some guy at work trying to (nicely) impress, asked me about my gen 16600 : "Oh, did you know that your Rolex watch is made from a special steel?" And we discussed about 316, 905 etc for 2 hours. And Switzerland trips just to approach the holy grail. Crazy world of Rolex technical aficionados
  8. Rolex 6238 Bombe case by Asprey of London

    So classically beautiful An epic part of history
  9. Van Cleef & Arpel Replica?

    Hard to find, quality is 90% bad. Like Canada goose stuff, never found any decent one who does not scream fake. There used to be some serious guys over iOffer but now they're gone. Tiffany & Co stuff exits in A quality, but not A+, and never heard about VC&A A+ stuff If you have a link, Im a taker
  10. Rolex Aficionados Please chime in...

    Yup, and you better not try to fit those SELs 93250 on non hole cases hah
  11. Trouble with an Ebay Sale - PAM111

    I'm no Panny expert But an eBay one maybe more In any case, ask for many pictures etc, keep tracks of all mails exchanges with this guy, and eventually if he manages to get a certificate etc from the local dealer (which he won't have), Ppal could only ask him to ship it back to you. That is the only way for him to force Ppal to accept to reverse the transaction in matter of NADI claim. In this eventuality, please videorecord the reopening of the package when you receive it, in front of postal employee, to prevent you from any fraud attempt (empty package, brick shipped, fake watch instead) Cheers
  12. 116710 GMT II franken is alive !

    Crazy crazy crazy work Did the same some years ago and it is truly a pain in the ass to pull together .. crazy money investment and lot of time and patience needed for a pure beauty indeed Congrats
  13. I don't remember if I already said it but be careful even with PayPal Gift as there have been some reports of claims started on a "gift payment" mainly from US PayPal accounts .. as always but the seller first ..
  14. Which TDs still take PP?

    Interested into that topic too