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  1. RW5513

    TC Sub V7

    Where have I seen this before ? [emoji849]🧐[emoji847] Oh, and the "conspiracy" is real. I mean... C'man guys ! Whoever that have handled both TC and Ginaults can tell !
  2. I know... An old thread. :Wink: An even more stupid question... Can we fit a 1680 dial into a gen 14060? *. Would the date cut for the 1680 dial align with the 3000 movement? * . I guess we would need to fit a date wheel to the 3000 movement. *. Can we fit a top hat 1680 into a 14060 gen ?. I know... Stupid...
  3. RW5513

    TC Sub V7

    Thank you ! How about the TC V6, is that compatible with a 3135 gen ? Cheers. X.
  4. Good afternoon folks, I am in a search for the best place to create my own dial, either Gilt or Matte to go into a Phong case with a Gen 1530 movement. I would like to create it with my own brand name (family logo) instead of the Rol3x, but I really want the best quality possible. I am fully aware that the legend says it is virtually impossible to find HeWhoCannotBeNamed and that He actually finds you ! ;-) I already reached out to two or three folks from the community asking this question and one of them suggested that I should ask the general public. So... Who can help me to find the place or person with the best possible quality to create my own dial, either Gilt or Matte that I can put into a Phong case with a Gen Movement? Thank you very much ! RW.
  5. Good afternoon folks ! I would like to introduce myself. Landed here a few months back by my continue search (about almost 20 years) for the best homage to the venerable Rol3x Submariner. I have to say that this community is awesome and it really shows how friendly folks are and willing to help ! So many ladies came and are gone now. Here is my last project: A MKII Kingston Gilt dial, in a Kemmner case, with a Top Grade ETA ! Cheers to all !!! RW.
  6. Thank you very much Ing ~! I have seen his pictures, they do not look of good quality. Also, and that does not mean they are not good, but his prices are 1/4th of Yukis. Any other info folks? Thanks !
  7. Good morning ! Already tried the Yuki Oyster. What other options are out there, and which one is the best option for you in terms of quality. Thank you very much, RW.
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