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  1. ☝️stunner that☝️ My latest bae🤭
  2. Happy birthday RWG you old Schnauzer 🥳 hope you don't get teenage acne 🤷‍♂️
  3. Have some issues with date set on a ZF Tudor GMT with a (insert movement). It flips over sometimes, and slips at others. And to add once set if I flick my wrist or just look at date later on the date has changed by one or two days. Easy fix likely? Worth a DIY watchmonger who knows which side of screwdriver works could take on🙄 or shall I not risk it as it keeps smashing time and GMT works a dream.
  4. Crappy picture of GMT on blue/red crafter⚓
  5. I'll be putting the ZF on a crafterblue rubber - saves the strap changing stress😁👍
  6. The date is... but the brushing on the bracelet not as fine as gen. Actually the date isn't too bad.
  7. Left = ZF Right = Tudor The dial and hands on the ZF actually to my eye are better than gen... It's a head scratcher🤣
  8. One of them is a darned sight easier to set/adjust that's for sure! I'll not kid you... when I put them down and took the photo then picked them up I wasn't even sure which was which. Hmm interesting... I'll see if anybody else wants to play. I can see one tell side by side which could be easily corrected. I love this watch in both it's incarnations... would happily keep either (or currently both)🥰 The gen happens to be more accurate right now. But not by so much as I would worry about it.
  9. Which is which !? Which do you prefer? ✌️😎👍
  10. Real nice 👍. Very nice clean dial - ultimate clarity on these. Picked up a Gen LHD just recently and I haven’t been as impressed with a watch for years!!
  11. No v2...Why not? Or why wouldn't another Factory have a go... It's a pretty significant watch... and there are bound to be more variants released by Tudor.
  12. You could contact any of the Trusted Dealers or upgrade to a VIP membership and post a Want To Buy for one.
  13. Oh... I see what you mean... there’s a few things to fix ther😲 That crown is sticking out a ways! Is there any chance that the crown isn’t screwed down fully I wonder. on this showing - roll on v2
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