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  1. ☝️stunner that☝️ My latest bae🤭
  2. Happy birthday RWG you old Schnauzer 🥳 hope you don't get teenage acne 🤷‍♂️
  3. Have some issues with date set on a ZF Tudor GMT with a (insert movement). It flips over sometimes, and slips at others. And to add once set if I flick my wrist or just look at date later on the date has changed by one or two days. Easy fix likely? Worth a DIY watchmonger who knows which side of screwdriver works could take on🙄 or shall I not risk it as it keeps smashing time and GMT works a dream.
  4. Ryan does accept PayPal through dumny sites . You just have to ask nicely, be polite and all good things come to those who wait. I'm sure if he knows he's back on TD here that will open up the option to more people in good standing. You can understand why he would be cautious. He doesn't know we're all good guys right 😂
  5. Crappy picture of GMT on blue/red crafter⚓
  6. I'll be putting the ZF on a crafterblue rubber - saves the strap changing stress😁👍
  7. The date is... but the brushing on the bracelet not as fine as gen. Actually the date isn't too bad.
  8. Left = ZF Right = Tudor The dial and hands on the ZF actually to my eye are better than gen... It's a head scratcher🤣
  9. One of them is a darned sight easier to set/adjust that's for sure! I'll not kid you... when I put them down and took the photo then picked them up I wasn't even sure which was which. Hmm interesting... I'll see if anybody else wants to play. I can see one tell side by side which could be easily corrected. I love this watch in both it's incarnations... would happily keep either (or currently both)🥰 The gen happens to be more accurate right now. But not by so much as I would worry about it.
  10. Which is which !? Which do you prefer? ✌️😎👍
  11. Real nice 👍. Very nice clean dial - ultimate clarity on these. Picked up a Gen LHD just recently and I haven’t been as impressed with a watch for years!!
  12. No v2...Why not? Or why wouldn't another Factory have a go... It's a pretty significant watch... and there are bound to be more variants released by Tudor.
  13. You could contact any of the Trusted Dealers or upgrade to a VIP membership and post a Want To Buy for one.
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