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  1. Archery day Inviato dal mio LG-H870DS utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Parachute strap Inviato dal mio LG-H870DS utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Today on rubber Inviato dal mio LG-H870DS utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Seamaster professional chronograph
  5. Really nice, let me know if you decide to sell it!
  6. Very nice, sooner or later I will buy one of this, love the idea of the titanium po
  7. Yes trend is now back to small size and Rep industry should follow. Gen more discreet watch is now the gentleman's favorite, keyword is discretion, bulky and flashy reps unless you have really a big wrist are for people who want to show to the others their expensive watches. Then or course is a matter of taste, but high end Rep should adapt to the new downsizing. I love small and thin watch I wear a lot my explorer1 and 3717 and I would like to replace my planet ocean with a more small diver. This is why I had a lot of expectations for this 58 and I will wait to see if a new version will appear. The current one is not bad, but I I won't need a 1:1 but the crown is too tall and probably a little smaller on diameter and this ruins the harmony of the case shape
  8. Waiting to check in Shanghai..
  9. Mmm wish I was so lucky usually my drawers are full of dust and dirty socks..
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