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  1. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    Dzięki kolego Edit by Sogeha: Since this is an English language forum and in case anyone is wondering, I welcomed @k4junto the forum and he replied “thanks mate” more or less
  2. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    No clue mate, I haven't seen 904 in the wild yet. And ppl seem to be polarized - one sees the difference with a naked eye, other says it's all ballocks. Few Rolex modders said that out of the box there is no huge difference, if you do gen-like brushing the luster is somehow better on 904.
  3. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    One or two RWI members tested that for ARF Daytona and it happened to be true. Right, but Angus mentioned the photos on the website are the photos of a prototype. They used sub hands in a prototype. Final rep should has DSSD hands iirc.
  4. No, that guy is Spongebob and he does the reshaping of the edges, plus covering with a real platinum. You need to provide him the insert for this service, and service as such costs almost $200. This guy developed the new inserts.
  5. Though they are not a TD here, will leave a link and hope to see the opinion of more experienced Hulk users. Imo, the insert' green looks better than a stock V7, what do you think about this colour? http://warchive.net/product/rolex-116610lv-green-insert-archive-made/214/?cate_no=1&display_group=2
  6. Anyone currently has this model yet?

    It's "speedy tuesday", just check Puretime website.
  7. Anyone currently has this model yet?

    Already seen the reps at puretime or trusty-time.
  8. Omega rep?

    The "blue CrPO" is called TiPO and imo it's a great rep. For 42mm personally I would've go for a BP cause it is titanium case + titanium bracelet, V6 42mm is ti + steel while 45mm is ti+ti. GL and enjoy!
  9. Word Association Thread

  10. Omega rep?

    Afaik, the vendors will sell brand new gen bezels only as a kit; bezel and insert, you still need to find the bezel springs somehow. E.g. such gen kit is approx. $400 for SMP and $400-450 for older PO models, and it is only about the aluminum inserts. Frankly speaking finding a gen ceramic insert is almost impossible imo. You mind sharing where did you find gen bezels/inserts?
  11. If your PO has a2824 the hands and dial are a direct swap. Cannot swap them into cheaper rep with 21j movement.
  12. PO stem and crown replacement

    Hi All, OP, guess best it to buy gen parts. If this is 42mm you need to look for a case number: 168.1649, 168.1650 or 168.1652 45.5mm case numbers are 168.1651 or 168.1653