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  1. Word Association Thread

  2. What is the difference between the factories?

    In the decent replicas of the submariner, you have two main options for the movement: - asian clone of Eta2836, - asian clone of Rolex 3135. More reliable is 2836, it hardly would require you to do any service. In 3135 it's hit or miss, you may receive the movement which will work fine without any service, or your movement can die after some time.
  3. New pickup - Titanium PO from Trusty

    You are right. BP sux with their "ceramic" inserts. BP SubC insert is not ceramic, actually I am not even sure is it metal or just some polymer. BP CrSMP insert - quite tired and clearly the edges are scratched in many ways. Btw, what happened to your watch?
  4. Word Association Thread

  5. Perfect Clones Does it again

    OP, how do you assess the dial printing and shield logo printing when compared gen vs rep?
  6. New Here, Not New to Reps

    I was lucky to pick-up v6s 116610ln and it's pending some gen parts now. Another v6s case will be used together with my bp no-date sub, still didn't figure out the final gen/rep shape of this watch. One rep v5po is pending gen dial and hands. Before the crash i sent few SMPc inserts to Steve, so he can try to develop some mod with smoothing and filling (with metal) the bezel engravings. I am really holding my breath here, still no feedback from Steve but if he success I will turn into a nice SMPc rep, otherwise will use that case for frankening into the older SMP. So many things, so little time, lol
  7. New Here, Not New to Reps

    No bro, too many open projects to hop in the YM
  8. New Here, Not New to Reps

    Same here mate:) How is live, did you sell that nice ND build before the crash?
  9. Noob sub Q

    Hard to say without the installed bracelet, for me it's Noob v5 or v6.
  10. ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    Mate, does it mean 3235 has only 2 crown positions? 1st for manual winding/date quickset, and 2nd for the time setting?