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  1. k4jun

    Help validating a PO

    The easiest way to tell 42 or 45.5 size is: - distance between a DW and the 3 hour marker, - insert - width of a white stripe, - bezel - number of the teeth.
  2. k4jun

    Mr Timezone - new dealer

    It is Francis.
  3. k4jun


    Yeah sure... gen AP is dime a dozen and everyone can easily buy five of them for 6k. And when you buy gens, obviously you do not ask for the photos of box and paper, first you accept no box nor papers,t hen just request them from the seller. What a [censored]!!! I hope paypal staff knows the basics about deals on gen and they will tell him "Loled hard but sir you are a retard, dispute dismissed". Legend, expose him anyway. Such people usually try to come back on the rep side. He has 5 items each worth approx 1.2k so for sure he would like to sell them sooner or later.
  4. k4jun

    Ofrei ordering to EU

    Check ebay - there is a UK seller who's got pretty much all parts.
  5. k4jun

    Word Association Thread

  6. k4jun

    Dose anyone know what factory made this Sub?!

    Correct, the stem height is a one way to tell. The other way to tell is the inner 'cut'
  7. It is probably the biggest trusted dealer on the rep market. buy with confidence.
  8. k4jun

    Dose anyone know what factory made this Sub?!

    Yes, it is ETA case you can tell by the crownguards. And it is BP serial so... your watch is either late BP or GMF:) (people say GMF is made in 100% of BP parts) Early BP had awful bezel insert, yours is much nicer so it's GMF or recently updated BP, I can't tell more. The most important thing is that watch is period correct: clasp+rehaut+dial, that does not happen often in reps. I think you did a good deal, this watch is better than Noob v7, I love the crystal - it's superior over the v7. Personally I wouldn't touch it, watch looks nice oob and you can't improve eta case anyhow. What do you want to mod? BP case is not gen spec.
  9. k4jun

    Dose anyone know what factory made this Sub?!

    6YZ code is used by BP and GMF, but most of their clasps have polished inner blade. Yours isn't Only sanded 6YZ clasp, which I am aware of is BP with miyota9015. Still does not make sense as this isn't the miyota dial, the dial looks like Noob v6s. Do you know which movement it has? Can you post a better resolution photo of the ctystal cyclops and bezel pearl? And the rehaut, I didn't get what you mean with "not being the solid lines".
  10. k4jun

    case tube size for Bond 300 Professional?

    Here we go OP, you need this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Omega-Seamaster-Crown-Factory-New-Stainless-Steel-screw-down-5-6-mm-with-tube/253417129733?hash=item3b00d68705:g:h48AAOSw65FXve0L it is the ebay account of clarks, buy with confidence.
  11. k4jun

    Word Association Thread

  12. k4jun

    What is the difference between the factories?

    In the decent replicas of the submariner, you have two main options for the movement: - asian clone of Eta2836, - asian clone of Rolex 3135. More reliable is 2836, it hardly would require you to do any service. In 3135 it's hit or miss, you may receive the movement which will work fine without any service, or your movement can die after some time.
  13. k4jun

    New pickup - Titanium PO from Trusty

    You are right. BP sux with their "ceramic" inserts. BP SubC insert is not ceramic, actually I am not even sure is it metal or just some polymer. BP CrSMP insert - quite tired and clearly the edges are scratched in many ways. Btw, what happened to your watch?
  14. k4jun

    Word Association Thread