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  1. Nice man, thanks for sharing, super jealous. I’ve heard this, so I understand the point. However, I don’t really “know” as I haven’t had the chance to properly experience Pre-V or Pre-A crown guards. My hope was the latest and greatest Pre-A 000 from FX would address this difference. Something for the experts to comment on. I do know that for my 009 build we are sourcing correct crown guards, and I will update this 002 build at the same time. I also have a Pre-V box made by a forum member, might have to do a pre-V 000 build after the 009. Strangely, my whole collection is Gen except for this one brand... thanks to my Dad of all people. I will pull the trigger on a used Gen one day, probably a 116. But for now I really enjoy this hobby. It’s like hot rods or outlaw Porsches or cafe race bikes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. One thing I didn’t factor until I put the watch on my wrist is how brand new the XF 000 case looks. It is super nice, a little too nice for a 20 year old watch. Hmmmm. Guess I will just have to wear it more. This week it road trips to The City of Angels & The Windy City. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Wow. What amazing collection and range. That’s some mad skills and serious dedication! I too love the EGI was an occasional weekend watch. My first Egi, a “loaner” from my Dad (who got on the Egi bandwagon in its prime) has been in my rotation for something like 10 years. It wears huge and heavy, but I’m used to big watches. If they are really tall and heavy like the Egi it helps to wear them a little tighter. My second Egi, 3 years old, features a Sapphire crystal and what I call a “Ralph Lauren” polish. The strap is a custom order Gunny “mission impossible” which I distressed further with some light sanding. Thanks for sharing your collection, maybe we can keep this thread going with a few more “my Egi, today” replies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. First desk diving mission out in the real work world for this build. The new XF000 mod with Roli Pre-A 002/009 dial/hands and a DSN 002 Case-back. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  5. The real star of this Pre-A show is the Rolli dial. OEM quality materials, manufactured in the same, well everything. Paint is perfection and the lume has outstanding vintage patina. Rolli is an obsessive master, and it was an honor to connect with him and acquire a few of these now extinct Pre-A dials. I don’t know how much longer Rolli will keep supplying our hobby with the ultimate dials, so my plan was to take advantage now, and build over time. Fair warning, his dials are addictive. I bought one to start... now up to four. For the donor watch, I followed a thread somewhere that went on for pages on this case. Lots of speculation and gushing about the first ones in hand, but no truly critical details. For me the big thing was it was the latest to be released, September 2017, and I knew I was going to replace the dial, hands, strap and case back. The Noob V4 is the best alternative, but for me more work. PAM 111 has a seconds hand, so movement needs modification to remove. Easy enough, but... Also, crown and crown guard upgrade is a well documented path which I gambled might not be necessary with the FX. I found at least 3 trusted sellers offering this watch, so sourcing was pretty easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. I don’t post hardly anything- but this has been an enjoyable hobby for many years, so maybe time to add to the conversation: I have a bit of a “thing” for Rolli’s dials. I also have a thing for the base Models. Been wearing a DSN 116 (Ti) for 6 years, and as soon as Rolli released his Tobacco dial, I was all over it - amazing upgrade (tight fit though). Ordered my first Rolli Pre-A 002/009 dial at same time, but never pulled the trigger on the build. Then, last fall I got the Pre-A 002/009 itch bad. I think it was the hype of a new case that “may” be even more accurate than the Noob. Decided to build 3 (one of each for me, and a duplicate 009 for a friend). Dials & FGD Hands arrived first, I got 2 of the last 3 - thanks Rolf & Ingrid! Told recommends the DSN case-back. So I order those to match. Dials in hand, the hype was still hot on the new, Sept 2017 released Pre-A FX. I have no interest or proof that it is actually something special or more accurate - but I bought it for my 002 build. Thanks trusted seller Toro. Got here really fast. Here it is, trying out a few straps I had on hand. Looks a little too shiny to be almost 20 years old... but the only cure for that is to wear it (lots). Next up, the 009 - which increases the level of difficulty significantly. Stay tuned. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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