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  1. Kallas

    Patek 5227 dial color

    I am going to get one! I like the rep from BF factory.
  2. Kallas

    Patek 5227 dial color

    Yes! The rose gold! What a BEAUTY. I turn 60 soon so I think I can get away with it....
  3. Kallas

    Patek 5227 dial color

    Thank you Lorenzo. It looks like a BEAUTIFUL rep. I am just wary of the dial color. On the Patek site it is a pearl color but the sellers all list the rep dial as white.
  4. You have convinced me. I am getting one of these!!!!!
  5. Kallas

    Patek 5227 dial color

    Does the BP factory Patek 5227 have the same dial color as the real thing? It´s a beautiful rep but the dial looks white to me instead of the off-white of the original. Maybe I am wrong.
  6. Hi everyone. I was here a few years ago. It´s good to be back. I am looking forward to getting caught up with the rep world. I learned a lot from this forum.