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  1. A few questions: 1 - do you live close to the place of purchase? I ask because this will make a difference especially for onsite repair at a reasonable price 2 - what brand is it? Probably the most import question....not all warranties are created equal with safes. 3 - what's the age of the unit? Many of the safe manufacturers have limited lifetime warranties. Mine did something similar a few years ago and a call to the manufacture resulted in a replacement part for free . They even provided on the phone service as I completed the job.
  2. Gotta love the omegas! Nice PO.
  3. It's an omega day for me
  4. love that Tudor! I'm wearing my mkII right now. They look similar.....closest I'll get for now. One of my favorite daily options
  5. Wow, how the hell are you chief?
  6. Was a beauty. Ended up selling it to fund an mkii. Great watch though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Alright, nanuq you did a fantastic job with this one. Absolutely amazing! The finishing is so well done.
  8. Old school case, entire watch built by PBdad, gen crystal, crown and tube. Entire watch was "softened" and has an awesome feel to it
  9. Out of all my watches I agree the steel fish is my favorite. I have the black dial gen.
  10. So I've been buying and selling a lot of gen watches lately but all from micro manufacturers (i.e. Helson, Armida, etc...). I've had my eye on a few smaller brands but the one that really stands out is from a company called Raven. Many of you know the name but the same guys that own this brand also own Benarus. I've heard a lot of great things about them so I found one on another gen forum and took the plunge. Price point new is ~$750. I picked this one up for under $640 shipped to my door and it was 30 days old. The previous owner had a 6.5" wrist and it was too big. It does wear big...alot like my gen Breitling SuperOcean Steelfish but a little more top heavy. The watch has both Rolex and Tudor vibes. Yep, it even has lugholes. Just a fun piece. Honestly I didn't know what to expect but DAMN the watch is amazing. I went with the Raven Deep Tech with date and the blue lume. If you love the Rolex Deep Sea, and want a lower price gen alternative...this is a great option folks. Remember this is a gen and not a rep. You can really feel the quality and actually dive with it! Not that I'll be going to 8200ft anytime soon Rolex Deep Sea Raven Deep Tech 42 http://www.ravenwatches.com/deeptech.php I'll post some pics later but for now here are a few borrowed from others:
  11. 6152 with 50 yr old leather....oh yeah smell the age!
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