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  1. headtube

    My First Vintage Build

    Great build. I am about 12 months behind you as a supernoob! Also inspired by 1680's amaxing blog/post on his build! How much does the tube/crown combo affect waterproofness? @jakethemouse have you had this one tested / ambition to waterproof ?
  2. headtube

    Hello World

    Hi All, I am new to your community and came to it through researching 1016 rolex builds and saw @1680 's amazing post/blog on his very cool build. I have literally zero expertise in watchbuilding, and am pretty cack-handed, but its really cool to see what you guys are producing. So far I have loved @rolojack 's work and with a bit of luck I would like to get a custom 6610/1016 build from him. In the mean time, it is great to have a browse around these boards and read the incredible depth of expertise on show here. Having visited several legit London dealers researching 1016's, I can honestly say that the knowledge base here is far stronger than with some of the capital's best jewellers. Please keep up the good work, and keep welcoming noobs myself... who knows, maybe one day i'll train myself enough to build something (I hope)! So long, and thanks for all the fish, Headtube.